What Is An AI Video Generator? Best Guide For You

In recent years, video editing is no longer exclusive to those with expertise. Thanks to the advancement of AI video generator models, even total beginners can generate a short, decent-quality video within minutes. And as technology still keeps transforming, further surprises still await!

Our insightful guide will discuss these generator tools in detail to enlighten confused novices. Keep scrolling for more.

What Is An AI Video Generator?

What is it and how does it work.

Before diving further into its benefits, drawbacks, and user guides, let’s discuss the core concept of AI video generators.

What Is It?

AI video generators are innovative tools that enable users of all levels – especially beginners – to make video clips in minutes without expertise or background experience.

They rely on artificial intelligence (or AI) to scan our text input and build everything in the clip from scratch. We do not have to hire actors, set up props, or waste hours preparing for adequate filming equipment. AI will help you take care of all the hard work.

How Does It Work?

Now that we have a better idea of what AI video generators entail, this section will explain how they work in clearer terms. A standard process encompasses these critical stages:

  • Text-To-Speech: Once users input their text prompts, the generator relies on text-to-speech conversions to change those sentences into spoken voiceovers.
  • Scene Creations: After processing these voiceover commands, AI proceeds to create corresponding scenes that match the text’s descriptions. Most of them are produced from preset templates, though users can choose to add more personalized touches.
  • Video and Image Selections: The tool will sort through the scenes and photos to choose the most appropriate ones to include in its final draft. Its computer vision algorithm plays a huge role in this stage to single out relevant content automatically.
  • Adding Avatars: Certain tools introduce AI avatars that represent the video characters. Their behaviors, skin colors, gender, and other features can be adjusted to create a more engaging and fitting persona.

What Are AI Video Generator Benefits?

The emergence of these tools streamlines our work.

It is not exaggerating to say these generators have transformed our workflow and opened doors for maximum productivity. Here are the reasons why:

Less Time And Effort Required

Thanks to the invention of these generators, many mundane tasks that usually require our intervention can now be automated. Cases in point include:

  • Selecting appropriate videos and images to highlight the text
  • Creating transitions and filters for scenes
  • Generating voice-overs

As people do not always have to be present for these automatic jobs, their schedule is freed up, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks.

The pre-made templates and designs are another critical reason, providing limitless frameworks that suit all topics and working sectors. Our only job is to pick a suitable one and build our video structure from there, which is significantly faster than designing everything from scratch.

Unlock Creativity

With or without tools, thinking of great ideas to start with is never an easy feat. As briefly mentioned above, the premade designs and templates can lend a hand in this regard by providing some practical groundwork as a starting place.

You might or might not use them in your final draft – but at the very least, they help overcome idea blocks and encourage you to devise better, more innovative concepts for further usage.

Also, we all know heavy technical jobs during video-making can drain us of the motivation and energy needed to stay creative. But now that such tasks are automated as we already explained above, you can pool more thinking power into creative aspects instead.

Better Video Quality

The reason why AI-generated videos are consistent in quality is simple. These tools are designed to abide by fixed guidelines and rule sets, ensuring all the produced videos reach similar quality standards.

Plus, thanks to AI-based scanning that automatically enhances audio and visual defects, the risks of human errors are significantly reduced. Amateur mistakes like wrong trimming ratio, off-color balance, or low audio quality are handled properly, giving everyone peace of mind.


Manual tasks being automated go hand in hand with lower staff costs. After all, video productions no longer need to involve multiple-member teams; just one or two experts – with a computer – are enough for the job.

Complex setups with editing software, microphones, camera, and filming tools are also a thing of the past. They used to eat up quite a large portion of the budget and gave small businesses lots of headaches. But not anymore with AI generators: they only charge a few dollars each month.

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What Are AI Video Generator Drawbacks?

Your skills will get rusty with morr AI dependence.

Despite undeniable benefits, many still hesitate to incorporate these tools in their work stream. They have (a few) good reasons to feel reluctant, by the way:

Excessive Reliance

The automatic design is like a double-edged sword. While we cannot deny their efficiency in handling mundane, technical tasks, these tools barely give users any chance to polish and improve their editing skills. After all, one or two text prompts are all it takes to pump out a decent clip; people would tell themselves: why do I even have to improve my expertise?

As this excessive reliance persists over time, even the most seasoned editors would see a steep decline in their ability to edit videos, adjust lighting, handle camera work, etc. Their entire workflow relies so heavily on AI, that they would be left at an utter loss if it stopped working one day.

They Still Need Human Editing

While the tools can help produce video bulks efficiently and quickly, their quality – especially for cheap-pricing generators – is not always 100% guaranteed. Human involvement is still required: the editors must monitor and review the final footage, then make necessary adjustments to ensure the clip meets all standards.

And although basic edits like clip sequencing and trimming are a breeze for most AIs, few have enough capabilities to do more complex jobs on their own. Cases in point:

  • Combining special effects
  • Polishing the CGI
  • Removing parts that look unusual

Only human editors can guarantee 100% quality for these tasks. AI is just a machine, after all; they can never differentiate what is common sense for most humans and what is not.

Their Clips Lack Personalization

And that is to be expected; the generators rely on pre-designed templates, formulas, and algorithms to pump out similar videos within seconds, but most templates are still pretty generic, failing to meet users’ unique needs and preferences.

Also, they produce and customize videos based on only what you write in the input, meaning they mostly stay oblivious to the video’s social contexts or other implicit background information. Some people have to write a 5000-word essay just for the tool to get everything right, which is a huge waste of time.

Their Clips Lack Creativity

Their lack of creativity is interconnected with the non-existent personalization mentioned above: fixed templates and predetermined algorithms make it hard for these tools to birth out-of-the-box ideas.

The only thing they do is learn and develop from existing training data; unlike humans, AIs have zero ability to deduce, think, or make real-time arguments. That explains why they can identify trends and patterns but fail to recognize the creative possibilities behind such trends or make clear connections between complex ideas.

Long story short: despite what critics and scientists try to claim, human intuition and creativity can never be replaced.

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How To Choose The Best AI Video Generator That Suits Your Need?

The best generators should be easy to navigate.

As more and more brands have joined the AI generator craze, beginners might feel overwhelmed by the number of programs and software available. While browsing through options, keep these critical factors in mind:

Consider Its Usage And Interface

Advanced users would not mind a more complex interface. However, from our observations, most people looking for AI generators are beginners or start-ups that want something simple and time-saving.

Investigate their designs and features thoroughly. If needed, participate in the free-trial session to assess how the tools operate.

Consider Its Third-Party Integration

This factor is practical for businesses or brands that use video generators as part of large-scale content strategies or marketing plans.

Consider whether the tool can integrate with third-party platforms or have “Share” buttons for faster distribution.

Consider The Key Features

Do not forget to investigate the key features provided by each AI generator; while their most basic functions are similar, some major differences are still recognizable. Here is a list of popular functions likely to be covered in most quality tools:

  • Premade Templates: The generators offer multiple templates and designs to fit different video categories (explainer videos, product demos, presentations) and social media platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook). Ask yourself which one meets your specific requirements.
  • Customization Choices: Look for software that lets you add unique touches to the videos with images, color schemes, and branding logos.
  • Animations And Transitions: Animations and visual effects enhance the video’s impression and charm. Some tools introduce thousands of options, while others only offer a few. Do your research.
  • Soundtracks: We suggest tools that offer background tracks with no copyright issues. They can help highlight the video’s message when inserted in the right place.

Consider The Pricing

At the time of this writing, AI generators have no fixed price range: they are either 100% free or cost hundreds of dollars per month. Some offer lifetime deals, while others require short-period subscriptions (monthly or annual).

Under most circumstances, low-cost or free tools offer more basic and limited features, such as fewer templates or no HD outputs. On the other hand, more expensive pricing plans promise more diverse capabilities, better customer assistance, and HD exportation.

That does not mean cheap tools are bad: the most important thing is to consider your quality/product demands. For instance, spending thousands of dollars on generators that can produce 100 short clips – when you only need 1 or 2 videos per month – is absurd.

Review each pricing plan carefully and learn to balance your needs with current budget limits. That way, you can land the most suitable options without breaking the bank.

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How To Use AI Video Generator?

Although the specifics differ from generator to generator, they all adhere to the same framework as follows:

  • Step 1: Text-to-video features have been common in most AI generator tools. Decide on your idea, key topic, or any other critical input, and type them into the prompt box.

Note: Some generators offer pre-written prompts for those who do not know where to start. But from our experience, working your own prompts right from the start would be a better move.

  • Step 2: After entering the prompt, choose a major color scheme and template for the clip. The tools offer a library of diverse templates, layouts, and styles – from which you can further adjust the compositions and shades to match the branding.
  • Step 3: Edit your video by adding images and photos, customized transitions, and a good music track to elevate the video to a new level. Voice-overs are also welcomed.
  • Step 4: Once satisfied with your hard work, it is time to render and finalize the clip. The time needed for rendering depends on the clip’s quality and length, as well as the tool’s optimization design.


Our guidelines dig into the best AI video generator, potential benefits and drawbacks, and tips to utilize these programs for your projects.

Jot down our buying guide to keep your hard-earned money from being misspent, and write to us if you need more advice.

Thank you for reading!


  1. What are the most popular AI video generator brands?

    Synthesia, Pictory, Elai, and Deep Brain are among the most lauded video generators on the market. They are easy to use, offer diverse functions, and support multiple languages.

  2. Can AI generators make videos in different arts and styles (ex: 3D, anime, etc.)?

    Yes, AI generators have extensive learning sources, after all. Specify which style you prefer in your text prompts, and the tools will strive to match your requirements.

  3. Can AI generators replace filmmakers and videographers?

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