About Us

Welcome to Quarule, your ultimate destination for all things artificial intelligence (AI). We are passionate about the limitless possibilities of AI and dedicated to providing comprehensive knowledge, insights, and curated recommendations in the AI niche. Our goal is to empower AI enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses with the information and resources they need to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Our Story

Seamus Wilbor is an an enthusiastic advocate of artificial intelligence, noticed the fragmented state of AI resources and information scattered across various platforms. Motivated to establish a centralized hub for AI knowledge, insights, and recommendations, he launched Quarule.

Alongside a team of AI experts and content creators, they tirelessly curated valuable content, exploring real-world applications and advancements. Today, Quarule has become a trusted destination for AI enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses, offering reliable information, practical guidance, and product recommendations. Seamus’s commitment to sharing expertise and fostering collaboration has transformed Quarule into a thriving community at the forefront of AI innovation, empowering individuals and organizations to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.


Driving AI Innovation

  • Actively promoting and supporting innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Encouraging the exploration of cutting-edge advancements and emerging technologies within the AI industry.
  • Providing a platform for showcasing innovative AI solutions and applications.

Fostering Collaboration

  • Creating a collaborative environment where individuals and organizations can connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on AI projects.
  • Facilitating partnerships and networking opportunities to foster collaboration between AI enthusiasts, professionals, researchers, and businesses.
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices to drive collective growth and progress in the AI community.

Promoting Responsible AI Use

  • Advocating for the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Educating our audience about the potential risks and challenges associated with AI and promoting ethical practices.
  • Highlighting the importance of privacy, security, and transparency in AI applications and encouraging responsible AI development and deployment.


Providing Reliable and Up-to-Date Information

  • Delivering accurate and timely information on the latest trends, developments, and research in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Ensuring that our content is well-researched, verified, and up-to-date to maintain the highest level of reliability for our audience.

Offering Practical Guidance and Insights

  • Providing practical guidance and actionable insights to AI enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to help them navigate the complexities of AI implementation and utilization.
  • Sharing real-world applications, case studies, and best practices that showcase the transformative power of artificial intelligence in various industries.

Curating Trusted Product Recommendations

  • Evaluating and curating a selection of AI-related products, tools, and resources that meet our stringent quality criteria.
  • Offering trusted recommendations to assist our audience in making informed decisions when selecting AI solutions, software, hardware, and services.

Through our vision and mission, our goal is to establish Quarule as the go-to platform for AI enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations seeking innovation, collaboration, and responsible AI practices.

Together, we aim to bridge the gap between AI knowledge and its practical applications, foster collaboration and growth, and empower individuals and organizations to harness the potential of artificial intelligence for a better future.

Our Team

Quarule is led by a team of AI enthusiasts, experts, and content creators who are passionate about AI’s potential to transform the world. With their diverse backgrounds and deep understanding of the AI landscape, they work tirelessly to curate valuable content, stay at the forefront of industry advancements, and provide meaningful insights to our community.

Our team is driven by a shared commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and ethical AI practices. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to harness the power of artificial intelligence responsibly and drive positive change across various sectors.

Seamus Wilbor
CEO & Founder

Seamus Wilbor, CEO and Founder at Quarule. He has over 20 years of expertise as an AI Consultant in evaluating AI technology and developing AI strategies.

Seamus advised organizations on leveraging AI for success. He founded Quarule to democratize AI knowledge, curating valuable content and fostering collaboration. Quarule is now a trusted resource, driven by Seamus’s visionary leadership and dedication to ethical AI practices.

Seamus went to Stanford University, where he earned his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy.

Elmer Alasteir
AI Expert and Consultant

Elmer Alasteir is an AI Expert and Consultant at Quarule. He has over 10 years of hands-on experience in developing AI solutions for businesses.

Elmer collaborates with many organizations of all sizes, providing AI strategy, data-driven decision-making, and ethics expertise. He shapes content and provides practical AI guidance for Quarule, translating complex concepts into valuable insights for the platform’s audience.

Elmer obtained a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from MIT, specializing in machine learning and natural language processing.

Magnus Wander
AI Consultant

Magnus Wander is an AI Strategy Consultant at Quarule. He has 25 years of experience specializing in AI strategy, ethics, and practical implementation.

With global experience, Magnus provides strategic guidance on AI adoption and digital transformation. His expertise in aligning AI initiatives with organizational goals and navigating complexities has made him a thought leader. Magnus shapes Quarule’s strategic direction, promoting responsible AI practices and empowering individuals and organizations to harness AI’s potential.

Magnus holds an MBA focusing on Technology and Innovation Management from Harvard Business School.

Sana Hamson
Journalist and

AI Researcher

Sana Hamson is a Journalist and AI Researcher. She has over 15 years of experience in the intersections of AI and society and AI’s real-world applications.

Sana, a prolific writer, explores AI’s transformative power in healthcare, finance, transportation, and education. Her investigative articles have earned her a trusted reputation. With her ability to simplify complex AI concepts, Sana contributes to Quarule’s mission of providing reliable information and fostering an AI community.

Sana earned a Master’s degree in Journalism and Technology from Columbia University.