About Us

Quarule, Inc. was founded in 2014 by experts in financial markets regulation and semantic technologies for business-centric software solutions. Our experts have decades of experience managing teams and developing technologies for regulatory compliance oversight. To address the inadequacy of pre-market crash technologies to meet the requirements of global regulatory reform, Quarule has developed an innovative, effective, and lasting solution.

Our Mission

Provide Automation for Compliance and Risk Management Programs

Assist companies in applying technologies and methods to ensure risk management effectiveness. Supply an end-to-end framework for implementing customized risk management programs. Provide a technology platform and consulting team for creating, automating and executing risk management programs across multiple industries.

Build, Capture and Manage Knowledge Assets

Build regulatory knowledge bases and tools for knowledge capture and management. Architect and integrate knowledge systems. Link knowledge bases to other systems to guide and monitor business practices.

Serve The Community of Practice

Manage knowledge assets to engage existing and potential customers, in groups and as individuals. Facilitate communities and opportunities aligned with strategic subject matters to expand the knowledge base and stay current with customers. Encourage community knowledge bases and knowledge appropriation to drive new services.

Multiply Resources

Project the impact of regulatory or policy change throughout the risk management program. Optimize resources through planning, efficiency gains and information availability. Reduce risk program gaps, raise preventive controls, and leverage program information to raise productivity and capacity for rule growth and change.

Lead Through Innovation

Develop and market innovative products and services for risk management programs. Provide end-user tools for higher standards of risk management and compliance oversight.

Quarule Technology

Quarule brings to the market a new generation of technology for Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) automation, an Intelligent Rules System that makes the logic of regulations and policies machine understandable. Quarule systems effectively understand the meaning of regulations and policies and then perform automated compliance oversight and risk management analysis, tracking and reporting. Capable of finding violations at commercial scale with precision and evolving intelligence, Quarule technology automates control functions and guides program management tasks and workflow. Quarule technology radically improves the accuracy and scope of oversight while saving time and money.

Quarule incorporates Sunflower, semantic rule-based reasoning technology licensed from SRI International, a leading research center. SRI has fueled the digital revolution from the beginning — its pioneering innovations include the computer mouse, interactive computing, the U.S. HDTV standard, and Siri, the first virtual personal assistant.

What does Quarule do?

Quarule Stores The Meaning of The Rules That Guide The Organization

  • Receives rules defined and maintained by risk and compliance subject matter experts
  • Makes rules machine understandable for automated monitoring and surveillance
  • Understands how rules interact with each other
  • Makes encoded rules a knowledge asset that is reusable, modular and composable

Quarule Uses Logic of Rule Requirements to Monitor Risk and Compliance

  • Monitors key risk control points
  • Triggers alerts when behavior fails to comply with regulation, policy, and procedures
  • Explains the reason for each alert in plain English statements based on the rule logic
  • Infers new information using machine reasoning

Quarule Drives Workflow Management

  • Kicks off rule-driven workflows for tracking alert resolution and escalation reporting
  • Displays program information, tasks, and schedules for each user
  • Identifies bottlenecks and unresolved problems
  • Prioritizes and schedules risk program activities, optimizing resources

Quarule Provides Enterprise Scale, Transparency, Consistency, and Flexibility

  • Monitors risk and compliance automatically
  • Links together risk program elements, monitoring logic, control results, and resolution
  • Provides vertical and horizontal view of risk programs
  • Facilitates collaboration and communities of interest
  • Archives rules, results, and reasoning

Our Team

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Wesley Moore

Wesley Moore
Founder & Executive Director

Wesley Moore is Founder and Executive Director of Quarule, Inc.

He recently completed 13 years of service at Wells Fargo Securities, and its predecessor companies, as Managing Director for Compliance Controls and Infrastructure, where he was accountable to manage compliance policy, oversight controls, annual certifications of compliance, registrations, and enterprise risk reporting functions.

Wes has an M.S. in Technology Management from University of Maryland, University College, and a B.A. in Economics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Mark Linehan
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Linehan is Chief Technology Officer of Quarule, Inc.

Mark was a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Research to March, 2014. While at IBM Research, he designed and developed rules, middleware, operating system, and secure communications software. He led software teams implementing in multiple programming languages, tools, and execution environments.

Mark earned a BA in Political Science from Case Western Reserve University and MS in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Larry Smith
Chief Revenue Officer

Larry Smith is the Chief Revenue Officer of Quarule, Inc.

Larry’s proven track record of revenue development and growth was initially forged as a senior marketer working with high- visibility technology and consumer goods companies including: American Express, AT&T;, AvisBudget Group, Long John Silver’s, Martha Stewart, Omnimedia, MCI and networkMCI, Ziploc Bags and Saran Wrap, Sotheby’s, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Larry earned a BS in Marketing from University of Rhode Island – College of Business Administration.