Soulgen AI Review: Can You Trust It?

Soulgen AI is a smart tool that lets you make new and high-quality pictures of real or anime girls just by typing in words or tags. It uses smart learning and deep computer thinking to change what you type into cool and fitting pictures.

What is Soulgen

Soulgen is an AI-powered art generator that lets you design your own characters and images using easy text instructions. This cool tech changes your words into good-looking visuals.

With Soulgen AI, you can make your ideas real and create amazing art that means something to you. Whether you’re looking to make an anime character, change images, or take your art to new levels, Soulgen AI art generator is here to help.


Anime Portraits: SoulGen, as an AI tool for anime, can make anime-style character images, just like the famous anime waifu. These images are as great as those made by pro anime artists.

Real-life Images: SoulGen also excels at making very lifelike images of girls, for example, sexy bunny girls, or a girl in a red dress with short hair or undress AI image. You can pick her hair, body type, clothes, skin color, pose, face, accessories, and more.

Customization: This tool lets you type in words or pick from tags to change how the girls look. This way, you can make a image that really shows the person you want to draw.

High-quality Output: The images SoulGen makes are very high quality and work well for different uses. The more words you use, the more detailed the picture gets.

Easy for Everyone: SoulGen AI Portrait Maker is simple and very easy for anyone to use. You don’t need to know about AI or have any special skills to make portraits quickly with just a few clicks.

In short, this no-cost AI portrait maker is a strong tool with lots of options and good points.

SoulGen AI Use Cases

SoulGen AI’s picture-making skills are great for lots of different jobs, like:

Digital Marketing: Companies can make cool pictures for their online ads, social media, and other online ads with SoulGen AI.

Website Design: Web designers can make special images for websites they make, making the internet more fun and interesting to look at.

Print Media: The clear pictures SoulGen AI makes can go on things you can hold, like flyers, big posters, and business cards, making them look better.

Content Creation: People who write blogs, stories, and more can get pictures that match their words, making readers more interested and happy to keep reading.

Personal Projects: Anyone can use SoulGen AI for their own fun projects, like making their own art, making special gifts, or making their online stuff look cooler.

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic results: The smart learning this AI art maker uses can make art that looks very much like real life or anime even undress images. It gets the skin color, face looks, and even small things like hair and clothes just right.
  • Accessibility: This tool works on the web and is easy for everyone to use. You don’t need to know how to use an AI image generator, which means a lot of different people can find it handy.
  • Saves Time: SoulGen can make anime art fast, letting you use your time for other things. It’s also a cheaper choice that can give you great art without spending a lot of money.


  • Limited free trials: SoulGen lets you try making an AI portrait for free, but if you want the high-quality version, you need to pay after seeing the results.
  • No App: You can’t find it on the Google Play Store or Apple Store, so if you use a phone, you can’t use this tool.


SoulGen is perfect for anyone who loves art and being creative, no matter how good they are at drawing. It’s great for both pro artists and people who do art for fun. SoulGen gives everyone a space to try out their creative ideas. It’s especially good for making new and eye-catching pictures of real or anime girls using words or tags. If you want to change a picture you already have or make something totally new, SoulGen has what you need.

The SoulGen AI Portrait Maker uses a credit system for pricing on their official site. You need to buy credits to make portrait images. The price for these credits changes depending on how many you buy, with discounts available for larger purchases.

Right now, as of February 2024, the prices on the SoulGen site are:

  • 1 Month plan: This plan costs $12.99.
  • 12-Month plan: This plan costs $90.99.

Remember, the prices and plans for this tool that turns text into images might change, so it’s a good idea to check their official site for the latest info.

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How Does Soulgen AI Art Generator Work?

Soulgen AI art generator turns the words you type into visual representations. It lets you make your own special characters and art pieces, easily making what you dream of real. It’s learned from a huge collection of anime-style images how to make images of anime waifus that look just like what you imagine. You just need to type in your ideas for your ideal anime waifu, pick some hints if you want, press the “anime girl” button, and then you get your perfect anime waifu buddy!

SoulGen Alternatives

1. Animate Anything

Animate Anything is a web-based service that brings 3D models to life with rigging and animation features. It’s user-friendly, powered by advanced AI, and lets you animate pretty much anything you wish. Just upload your models to their online platform and start animating. For those new to the platform or just starting out, they offer 3 free models every month, with the option to buy more credits if needed.

Their pricing starts at $50, catering to a wide audience from students to large companies. The platform provides an efficient workspace, access to pre-animated models, and state-of-the-art AI tools to simplify the animation process.

2. NightCafe

Night Cafe AI Art Generator is a strong tool that lets you make beautiful art quickly. It uses several AI models, like DALE-E 2 and VQGAN+CLIP, to change words into high-quality images. You can pick from five different art models to get a variety of styles. Its main features are turning text into images, giving free credits every day, options for print-on-demand, and a tool to create NFTs.

It’s perfect for anyone starting out, people who want to make NFTs, businesses, and artists. Night Cafe has plans beginning at $5.99 a month, with different options for how many credits you can get, up to 1400. Night Cafe makes it easy to dive into art creation.

3. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a platform that uses AI to help you make new images by mixing together existing ones. Here’s how its pricing works:

  • Starter: $8.99 per month
  • Advanced: $18.99 per month
  • Champion: $38.99 per month

RunwayML gives you AI tools for creating and changing images. Their prices are:

  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $12 per user, per month
  • Pro: $28 per user, per month
  • Unlimited: $76 per user, per month

For big companies, they suggest getting in touch with their sales team.

DALL-E by OpenAI creates images from text descriptions. Its prices change based on the image size:

  • $0.02 for each 1024×1024 image
  • $0.018 for each 512×512 image
  • $0.016 for each 256×256 image

And if you’re a big company, you can get a better deal by talking to OpenAI’s enterprise team.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Soulgen AI Art Generator presents a thrilling and fresh way to make personalized characters and one-of-a-kind animations.

Even though some might worry about safety, Soulgen has put in place safety steps to make sure users have a secure experience.

Thanks to its flexible options and simple design, Soulgen is a great resource for both artists and fans.

So, feel free to dive into the AI art creation adventure with Soulgen, confident that your creative spirit is well-protected.


  1. How much does Alaya AI cost?

    As of April 2024, the pricing details for Alaya AI are not publicly available on their website. Interested businesses and individuals may need to contact Alaya AI directly for pricing information based on their specific requirements.

  2. What kind of information does Alaya AI provide?

    Alaya AI provides a wide range of information, including: images, voice, text, video, etc.

  3. How does Alaya AI ensure privacy and security?

    Alaya AI ensures privacy and security by using zero-knowledge encryption to protect user data and recording all interactions on a blockchain, aligning with strict privacy standards like GDPR.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

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