AI Video Vs Traditional Video: Which Is Better?

AI video vs traditional video brings many different experiences for you to apply in your job or study. You can get benefits and drawbacks under any kind of video, especially in developing them through chatbots

Understanding the role of each video kind supports you in selecting the most suitable method. We will discuss the differences between AI video vs. traditional video below.

AI Video Vs Traditional Video: What Are The Differences?

When comparing AI video vs traditional video, you should consider some perspectives, such as the data analyzing speed, file-exporting sizes,  CPU usage, and how to release the files. In particular, let’s check out each factor:

The Speed Of Analysis 

AI can conduct data analysis, which is wonderful, only occurring quickly. This can save much time for you to address image and sound problems to support the video creation process. 

Otherwise, you can completely use traditional methods to publicize your videos if you prefer to use a camera system and are not familiar with applying codes through AI technology. 

Codes relating to AI video makers.

Size Of File 

There is no significant difference in the size of AI and traditional videos. The conventional video compression process removes bits of virtual images to reduce the video file size

AI technology uses typer-realistic duplicating techniques to recreate the video on a small scale, which helps you maintain the video quality.  

The Amount Of CPU Usage 

The software or website adopting AI to create video normally accounts for much of CPU usage to have enough ability to analyze multi-demands. 

You must prepare for hardware and expenses to experience the most wonderful products. Creating a traditional video also benefits you from investing more in a CPU system; however, there is a limit to technical rewards.   

Method Of Exporting Files 

Exporting files through AI or traditional methods benefits you from a difference in time. The estimated time for finalizing AI video is shorter than traditional files thanks to receiving support from the technology available. However, this does not strongly impact why users choose AI versus traditional video. 

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What Are the Benefits Of AI Video Vs Traditional Video?

Selecting AI video vs traditional video allows you to receive different benefits and serve your aims best. There are main advantages relating two methods listed below, including: 

Benefits Of AI Video 

Artificial intelligence can help you reduce time-consuming problems and increase customer experience quality. You can take advantage of adding 3D animation and editing mistakes faster. 

All you need is to use simple text to illustrate your video and have AI voice complete the script. This can save labor costs and promote the business return. 

There are some great functions integrated into AI video platforms, such as:

  • Allow you to remove unnecessary and faulty mistakes timely
  • Provide you with automatic color correction and image stability 
  • Update you with the function of facial identity
  • Allow you free to create dialogue in a short time 
Experiences on AI video platforms.

Benefits Of Traditional Video

Traditional video is not extremely difficult to approach early in video learning progress. 

First, you just focus on your academic knowledge of supporting videos and using relevant devices such as cameras. After you got these basic techniques, you will know how to apply them in your video creatively without considering compulsory principles or algorithms as AI technology.  

Is It Safe To Have A AI Video On Your Own? 

Many companies consider that AI helps you to maintain security policies better on your accounts or individual information. Thus, having an AI video alone is safe for you to experience and adopt more. 

You can use AI to save costs, improve business efficiency and support long-term values (ex. using Chatbots). Besides that, you should also read and get a deeper understanding of AI knowledge to restrict unexpected incidents. 


AI video vs traditional video is mainly different in terms of applying technology during the video creation process. Each type will have its own benefits to suit different users. 

If you can flexibly combine these methods for your products, you can benefit from them. Remember to select a good AI platform to serve your demand.


  1. Why is it important to apply AI video?

    Applying AI video is one ideal solution for your time and expenses. You do not need to invest too much time analyzing image and sound information like in the past; you only understand how it works to apply it the most effectively.

  2. Does AI video or traditional video better?

    The answer depends on the goals and requirements of the video project. Both forms of video production have their own unique strengths and limitations, and the choice should be made based on the specific needs of the project.

  3. What should you do to get started with AI video?

    First, you must have basic knowledge of AI video and cover how to use AI platforms to create a video, which good topics to select, then learn how to apply AI tools during the video creation process.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor, CEO and Founder at Quarule. He has over 20 years of expertise as an AI Consultant in evaluating AI technology and developing AI strategies.