Turnitin Vs Chegg: Explore The Top 6 Main Differences 

Turnitin vs Chegg

Turnitin vs Chegg are two popular plagiarism checkers that many colleges apply. However, few people know their primary differences and assume they have nearly the same features and functions.

If you are one of those people, this article is a perfect site to learn more about these two academic tools. Keep scrolling down for further information! 

What Is Turnitin?  

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system that runs on the website. This system is widely used by numerous universities worldwide thanks to its accuracy and detailed analysis. 

So how does it work? When you upload your academic work on Turnitin, the system will run and compare your information with other sources to see whether your assignment is prone to copying. 

Once completed, Tunitin will show an overall result and specific plagiarism rate for each source. Its result is highly accurate, as big data and state-of-the-art programming software help run the process. Apart from plagiarism, Turnitin can even detect ChatGPT as well.

What Is Chegg?  

Chegg is a study platform that supports students in improving their education outcomes via its huge sources of materials and references. Students from high school to college could gain access to them easily by entering the website. 

Chegg has also developed a plagiarism detection tool. You must input text or upload a file from local storage/ Google Drive. The system will run and check if your work matches the other writing. 

Turnitin Vs Chegg: What Are The Main Differences? 

It’s crucial to check for plagiarism before submitting your work

The primary difference between Turnitin and Chegg lies in their features and reliability. Their presentation of results and the accuracy of the outcomes are not the same. Turnitin delivers a more accurate outcome, explaining why many academic professionals use it to check plagiarism. 

Other criteria include cost, diversity, database size, algorithms, and personalization possibilities. Keep reading!

Features And Benefits

Turnitin and Chegg will show you the copying result after checking your work. Yet, Turnitin will show a more detailed outcome, including the Similarity index and Originality report, while Chegg doesn’t. 

It is noticeable that Turnitin is not as easily accessible as Chegg. If you want to use Chegg, search the keyword “Chegg plagiarism checker,” sign up, and freely utilize this tool. 

Unlike Chegg, Turnitin forces you to gain the instructor’s allowance to use and provide your school/ class ID or student number and password to log in. 

Reliability Comparison

Chegg can check copied work from offline and online sources before showing the final result. But this tool sometimes makes plagiarism errors when some copied stuff is missing or marks your work as copied while it’s purely authentic. 

Turnitin also compares your academic writing from online and offline sources. It’s also prone to plagiarism errors, but the frequency is minimal. Many colleges worldwide prefer Turnitin over Chegg; they even use Turnitin to check academic dissertations. 

Cost Comparison

Chegg plagiarism checker has both free and paid versions. Free versions only provide limited features, while its “Writing Pack” not only has fundamental features but also makes your writing free of grammatical errors. It costs nearly 10 dollars. 

Given Turnitin, this platform doesn’t offer individual licenses; it only provides institutional licenses for schools and colleges. According to the information on the Kent State University website, the cost can be 3 dollars per student annually.  

Diversity And Size Of The Database

Turnitin is well-known for its extensive databases, including non-academic and academic sources. It covers nearly all assignments and subjects because of the unparalleled content database. 

The Chegg plagiarism checker cannot do so, as it is just part of Chegg—an educational platform for students. Regarding lesser-known or unconventional sources, this data’s limitation cannot provide comprehensive coverage and affect the final copying rate.    

Use Turnitin or Chegg to make your academic writing more authentic

Sophistication Of Algorithms

As a professional plagiarism prevention system, Turnitin was equipped with many modern programs and advanced algorithms to process data and analyze sources more reliably. 

However, Chegg doesn’t fine-tune and invest in its plagiarism checker’s algorithms, as this platform encompasses many other tools and materials. And they all require being well-managed.   

Personalization Possibilities

Turnitin is a feasible solution for academic institutions. Universities and high schools can tailor plagiarism detection to suit their academic integrity guidelines and specific requirements. 

Chegg falls short when it comes to customization options. Even its “Writing Package” doesn’t provide many options for users to consider. 

Turnitin Vs Chegg: What’s The Best?

Based on the above factors, Turnitin seems to win this competition. Indeed, this specialized plagiarism prevention system provides numerous outstanding features, such as customization options, a Similarity index, an Originality report, etc. 

If you are looking for a professional tool to check your academic dissertation, Turnitin won’t disappoint you by delivering the most accurate plagiarism check results. 

However, Turnitin is inaccessible to individuals and is complicated to log in. Hence, suppose you want a tool that briefly checks your assignment. In that case, Chegg is an ideal option. 

In addition to using its plagiarism checker, you can access an extensive library of Chegg materials and documents. This is very convenient!

Can You Use Turnitin And Chegg Together? 

It is unnecessary to use both Turnitin and Chegg at the same time. If you want a highly accurate result and a detailed report, please choose Turnitin. This system will satisfy all of your requirements about plagiarism checking. 

Sometimes, when you upload your document on Chegg and check it again on Turnitin, the plagiarism rate will likely increase. This is because Turnitin detects the same content on nearly every online source. 

Use Turnitin and Chegg to prevent plagiarism

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you will recognize the 6 main differences between Turnitin vs Chegg plagiarism checkers. Turnitin seems more professional, yet Chegg is convenient and easy to use. 

No platforms are of bad quality. Choose one suitable for your plagiarism-checking needs, and we hope you will have an amazing experience.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

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