Why ChatGPT Blocked Me? (4 Main Reasons)

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. In some cases, you can face your account being blocked and you have to interrupt your work. In this article, we will leak 4 reasons why a ChatGPT account might be blocked, as well as the ways to unblock it.

Why ChatGPT Account Is Blocked?

Chat GPT accounts are often blocked if you have attempted to log in too many times using the wrong username or password. However, other causes can also lead to this problem. Here are the detailed reasons:

Multiple login attempts

The most reason why many people have logged in too many times is due to enter the wrong passwords or usernames. In some cases, someone is trying to access your account without your permission.

Therefore, when you have this problem, you will receive the message “Our account has been blocked after many consecutive logins”, ChatGPT recommends that you have to reset your password to protect your account and avoid being blocked again.

Utilizing a VPN to access

The next reason that lead to your account is blocked is that you use a VPN service to access the network. Normally, VPNs protect privacy and security, but they can sometimes allow malicious activities.

Therefore, to avoid harmful activities from affecting, Open AI will temporarily prevent accounts from accessing VPN. But, just a few because a large number can still access ChatGPT even when using a VPN. Thus, when you are blocked, you can try to turn off the VPN and access ChatGPT again.

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Turn off the VPN service when using ChatGPT

ChatGPT usage poses a risk to others

In another case, your ChatGPT account is restricted because you use it for harmful purposes, this means that your actions threaten the safety and security of others.

For example, you use AI to create fake news to influence your audiences by sharing wrong or sensitive information. More importantly, using chatbots to harass or send spam will be prohibited. Currently, due to concerns about privacy issues, Italy is the first country has banned the use of ChatGPT to avoid possible bad situations in the future.

Making multiple free accounts

According to OpenAI’s policy, they only allow one free account per user. Therefore, if you create multiple accounts, it will violate their policy. Of course! Then your account is blocked. 

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Chat GPT only allows one free account per user

How To Unblock Your ChatGPT Account?

To resolve the problem your account is blocked. The first thing you should do is turn off the VPN and refresh the website. If the problem persists, that means you violated ChatGPT policy and got blocked. In this case, you have to contact ChatGPT support to help find the issue and require them to unblock access for you.

While waiting for the support team to unblock your account, you can use alternative platforms like Google Bard or Bing AI to avoid delaying your work and save time. Besides, you can also create a new account by registering from another device or another network to avoid the “Too many registrations from the same IP” error.

Tips To Avoid Unblocked ChatGPT Account 

First, you need to read carefully the terms of service and privacy policy provided by OpenAI. This helps you avoid engaging in behavior that could cause a ban or restriction. During the process of using, don’t share any wrong or violent content that affects others.

Moreover, do not use artificial intelligence for illegal activities such as harassment or spamming. If you do any activity that violates the law or invades privacy, this may result in account suspension. If you discover something unusual or inappropriate while using the platform, you should report it to OpenAI, this will contribute positive environment for you and every users. 

Finally, always update changes in the platform’s rules and regulations. In some periods, OpenAI may change and update the policy to suit the user. Therefore, it is essential to follow their updates.

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Avoid using ChatGPT for illegal activities


In conclusion, there are several reasons why your ChatGPT account might get blocked. Our guide aims to provide a clear understanding of common issues and assist you in resolving them. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can contact ChatGPT support for assistance.


  1. Can I have more than one ChatGPT account?

    No, you can't make more than one account to use the free credits from ChatGPT services. If OpenAI thinks you're not being honest with the free use, they might ask you to pay normal costs or stop your use of their services.

  2. What does ChatGPT error code 1020 mean?

    ChatGPT error code 1020 indicates that the website or app you are trying to access has blocked your IP address. This happens when you have suspicious or malicious activities from your IP address. 

  3. Why can't I use a VPN?

    Your VPN is not connecting for various reasons. Some of the reasons can include problems with your network connection, anti-virus software, and firewall against VPN connections. Moreover, it can be caused by the VPN software that has not been updated or server.

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