How To Use ChatGPT In Egypt: 5 Easy Steps To Setting

As an Egyptian looking to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT, unlike other countries, you may be wondering how you can effectively utilize this tool to enhance your artificial intelligence experiences. 

Read our guide to help use ChatGPT in Egypt, providing you with valuable insights on how to maximize its potential and make the most out of this innovative AI technology in this country.

How To Use ChatGPT In Egypt? 

Below are 5 tips on using ChatGPT in Egypt by setting up a VPN service process. 

1. Pick a reputable VPN service

There are several VPN services on the market. However, not all VPN providers are trustworthy. Some VPN providers may log your internet traffic or expose your IP address, endangering your privacy and security. 

You should contact a reputable VPN service, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark.

2. Downloading and installing VPN

After you’ve decided on a VPN service, you should download and install the VPN software on your device. VPN clients are available for a number of systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

3. Run the VPN service and register

After install Launch the VPN software after installing it and log in with your VPN account information.

4. Identify where you want to be

After logging in, select a location where ChatGPT is available. You can select a location in the United States, the United Kingdom, or any other nation where OpenAI is available.

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VPN is a powerful tool for logging into ChatGPT in Egypt

5. Make connections to the server

After choosing the server location, to connect to the VPN server, click the “connect” option. The VPN server will encrypt and route your internet traffic once you are connected. 

You can check your IP address or use an internet tool to confirm your location to ensure that you are connected to the VPN. Remember to disconnect from the VPN after you’ve finished using it because it can slow down your internet speed.

What Are Some Alternatives To VPN?

Not only VPN, we have some other browsers and programs that help Egypt can approach to ChatGPT as below:

Tor browser

Users can access ChatGPT anonymously using the Tor browser. It is an open-source, free browser that encrypts the user’s IP. As a result, you can browse the internet privately while also accessing ChatGPT without interruption. The servers of Open AI will not identify your location.

Proxy browser

In Egypt, ChatGPT can also be accessed through a Proxy server. It will act as a link between your device and the internet. It creates a random IP address, making Open AI unaware of your current location or IP details. By doing so, you may avoid the ChatGPT not working in Egypt and continue using the tool uninterrupted.

Change to private mode

When you try to open ChatGPT’s website in normal mode, it may not work properly. ChatGPT, on the other hand, will allow you to access it if you switch to private (incognito) mode. After launching your web browser, click “Ctrl + Shift + N” to go into Incognito mode. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

  • On the top-right corner of your screen, click the three dots.
  • Select the option New Incognito Window.

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Switching to private mode is also a way for using ChatGPT in Egypt


After going through this beginner’s guide on how to use ChatGPT in Egypt, you now have a solid foundation to access and utilize the power of this remarkable AI language model in this country. 

By following the guides outlined, you can engage in meaningful conversations, seek information, generate creative content, or even enhance your language skills with ChatGPT.


  1. Is it against the law to use VPN in Egypt? 

    No, using a VPN in Egypt was not against the law according to the latest news. VPNs allow users to access a broader range of online content and navigate the online platform securely. 

  2. What are some best VPN for using ChatGPT in Egypt?

    According to some brief research, NordVPN and ExpressVPN12345 are the best VPNs tools for accessing ChatGPT in Egypt. Several sources recommend NordVPN for its security features and ability to alter your location to a ChatGPT-accessible nation. ExpressVPN is another popular option because of its fast connections and great customer service.

  3. Are there any alternatives for ChatGPT in Egypt?

    Yes, if Chat GPT isn't working for you, but you still want to try it, you can use Chat GPT alternatives such as: Chatsonic, Chinchilla, Bloom, and Jasper Chat are among the Chat GPT alternatives available in Egypt.

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir

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