How To Bypass ChatGPT Filter? 5 Steps For Unlocking Restrictions

ChatGPT is a powerful language model which can be used for multitude of purposes. Nevertheless, ChatGPT security system includes some filters and restrictions in it. These filters are developed to block users from creating mean or ingratiating posts.

How to bypass ChatGPT filter? This article looks into the intriguing subject of bypassing the ChatGPT filter restrictions and unlocking its full potential. Understanding the techniques to bypass the filter can help you explore the true capabilities of ChatGPT.

What are ChatGPT Restrictions?

The restrictions of ChatGPT aim to exclude the production of malicious, biased and risky content.These restrictions include:

  1. Illegal activities: ChatGPT will not produce content which is aimed or may promote and provide illegal activities like violence, drug use and child pornography.
  2. Hate speech: ChatGPT won’t produce such content which would involve racism or discriminating against other people based on the religion, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or handicap of any individual.
  3. Explicit content: Above all, ChatGPT will not produce any content material that is sexually explicit or violent in nature.
  4. Graphic violence: ChatGPT will not produce texts that are full of goriness and violence of any manner.
  5. Controversial topics: The ChatGPT program seems not to produce any content related to politically sensitive areas, such as religion, politics, and conspiracy theories.

Furthermore, ChatGPT possesses some technical constraints apart from the aforementioned ones. For instance, it cannot explore internet, therefore, it cannot give timely information on current affairs.

How To Bypass ChatGPT Filter? Without Restrictions

Here are 5 steps that help you bypass the filter of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT filter protects you from offensive content

Step 1: Change the input content

To bypass the filter of ChatGPT, you can change the prompt content. It includes changing messages and using less complicated terms. You may also use DAN prompt or generate questions that the filter can’t detect.


  • Creative freedom: Users can spend their time in creative dialogs with game characters but not with real people much.
  • Novel interactions: There can be a ton of unique and funny dialogues between you and AI because of the role-playing.


  • Ethical considerations: The users should beware of engaging in the inappropriate or hateful role-play.
  • Potential misinterpretation: ChatGPT may not always be able or answer a roleplayed situation the way it should be.

Step 2: Learn the protection rules

The ChatGPT filter’s operating method consists of a 2 steps aimed at improving safety and reducing potential dangers. This complex approach assures that the ChatGPT model’s outputs fulfill the specified requirements of safety and appropriateness. 

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ChatGPT will first be trained by humans

Step 3: Read the human reviews

During the training phase, human reviewers play a crucial role in refining and shaping the behavior of ChatGPT. These reviewers follow guidelines provided by OpenAI, which are specifically designed to identify and flag potentially inappropriate or harmful content. 

This manual review process helps train the model to improve its ability to filter out undesirable responses. The review and rate model outputs for various prompts, allowing them to understand the tendencies of the model’s behaviour and align it with OpenAI’s desired standards.

Step 4: Training 

The training process also involves a continuous feedback loop with the reviewers. OpenAI maintains a strong feedback mechanism, encouraging the reviewers to provide insights and share their expertise. This feedback helps in continuously refining and updating the guidelines, enabling the tool to improve over time. 

Step 5: Add moderation system

Once the training phase is complete and the tool is ready for use, an additional moderation system will come into play. This moderation system serves as a safety net to further enhance the filtering capabilities of ChatGPT. 

The system uses the patterns learned during the training phase to warn or block certain types of content that are deemed inappropriate or violate OpenAI’s usage policies.

The automated moderation system operates by analyzing the responses generated by ChatGPT in real time. It scans for specific keywords, phrases, or patterns that are indicative of problematic or undesirable content. When such content is identified, the system triggers warnings or blocks the response together, ensuring that potentially harmful or inappropriate content does not reach the users.

3 Tips On Prompts Content To Bypass ChatGPT Filters 

People focus on basic methods to get over chat filters. You can think about whether you want to use a specific phrase or word that filters out.

  • Utilizing synonyms and abbreviations: For phrase or word filtering, synonyms and abbreviations are more effective options.
  • Avoid capitalization and special characters: You can avoid restricted phrases or words by using special characters or symbols instead of specific letters.
  • Capitalization: ChatGPT filter avoids capitalization of specific phrases or words. These measures assist ChatGPT users in bypassing conversation, obtaining a content filter, and filtering terms or words. 

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Bypassing ChatGPT filter should be executed with great care


We have just explored how to bypass the ChatGPT filter without restrictions and the fascinating realm of unlocking its full potential. But, it is crucial to approach this subject responsibly and adhere to ethical guidelines to ensure the responsible use of AI technology. 

By understanding the techniques to bypass the filter, users can harness the true power of ChatGPT while maintaining a commitment to responsible and ethical AI usage. 


  1. Are there any risks associated with bypassing the ChatGPT filter?

    Yes, bypassing the ChatGPT filter can introduce risks if not approached carefully. By circumventing the filter, users are likely exposed to inappropriate or harmful content. Additionally, it may lead to misleading or inaccurate information being generated, potentially causing harm or confusion. 

  2. What are other ways instead of bypassing the filter?

    We have another ways to bypass the ChatGPT filter including: Participate in open-source communities for ChatGPT, engage in discussions and collaborate with others, and provide feedback to the developers of ChatGPT.

  3. Is it illegal to bypass ChatGPT filters?

    It depends! When trying to bypass chat filters by using specific terms or words, you must consider the results and ethics of your actions. It is not against the law when trying to bypass the ChatGPT filter. However, the best way to avoid unsafe and offensive content is to use a ChatGPT content filter.

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir is an AI Expert and Consultant at Quarule. He has over 10 years of hands-on experience in developing AI solutions for businesses.