Can AI Create Youtube Videos? Full Steps Guidance

Can AI create Youtube videos? The answer is yes, and the AI-powered text-to-video can do it promptly and easily. When we are using basic AI features, we can find it easy to input our text and enjoy entertaining videos. 

The work will be much easier with other functions, including natural AI avatars and unlimited template stocks if we have upgraded versions. 

They will all help increase the number of viewers, traffic, and conversion. Let’s see what AI can offer us below.

Can AI Create Youtube Videos?

Yes. We’re developing a faceless YouTube video channel to earn cash. We want to edit footage of us speaking in front of a camera and there is no other option that makes your life easier. Some powerful AI apps jump in and do the heavy work for us when we need it. 

Can AI Create a Youtube Intro?

Yes, we do not need expert design abilities to create an interesting YouTube intro that presents our business. We can capture countless viewers’ attention using AI apps and their beautiful YouTube intro templates.

Once, AI created a Youtube intro, but we were unsatisfied with it. We can customize fonts and colors. Youtube Intro will be finished with AI with just a few clicks of our mouse.

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Youtube video intro.

Can AI Create a YouTube Outro?

YouTube the outros are the end screen. The outro will create a lasting impact on viewers if it is entertaining. 

AI can add credits and snippets to our future projects. Plus, we can even use AI for humorous blooper footage and creatively complete our film. Some AI apps may allow the chopping, trimming, or merging of our sequences. 

Moreover, AI also supports changing the speed of our video to enhance tension or filters to define the mood. With Artificial intelligence, we can create impressive outro videos and increase the click-through rate.

Can AI Create a Youtube Ad? 

We may use artificial intelligence tools to create advertisements by selecting different video categories, including animation. By using AI-powered technology, an auto-generated script will appear. 

We may just click on the “Creating Video” button. Then edit our design and post or download it right away.

Many videos created by AI Just proved effective, and the creator could quickly hook viewers. It could keep viewers interested rather than just waffles. It means fewer people will close our ads and skip commercials halfway through.

Can AI Create Viral Videos?

Yes. Chayka, for example, is a photographer who uses AI techniques to make a popular video. The video features Harry Potter characters modeling for the high-end French Balenciaga. 

AI technologies are becoming increasingly competent at video editing. The Balenciaga meme and variations featuring Friends and Breaking Bad were created by mixing several AI technologies. 

It created graphics first, then added animation effects. Nonetheless, the final result is viral and impressive. 

Balenciaga Harry Potter AI-generated.

How To Make Videos Youtube With AI?

It is very easy to make a Youtube video using AI. Using an AI video creator, we will demonstrate how to create an AI video.

Step 1: Generating A Video Script

AI video generators utilize Text-to-video functions, which allow you to produce videos by inputting text.

While putting text in an AI video generator is simple, we discourage simply pasting a lengthy PDF document or blog post. It will take a longer time to finish the video. Take a moment to go through your text. Some AI even allows converting it to a video script. 

Step 2: Select An AI Avatar

It is what the AI steps in to work its magic. We can select an AI avatar to represent our video at this stage. There are a lot of different AI avatars to pick from. We can decide where the avatar appears, how large or tiny it is, and if it is visible.

Step 3: Paste Text And Choose A Voice

Another amazing AI development is text-to-speech. Copy our video script and put it into the script container from slide to slide.

Our writing will be converted into an AI text-to-speech voiceover in seconds. We can choose the language depending on the content and it can always modify and select the appropriate accent, locality, dialect, jargon, and voice style.

Step 4: Edit The Video

It’s time to start editing videos. Fortunately, we won’t be required to use expensive video editing programs for this.

Here are a few features we could add and adjust in our AI video: they are background music, shapes, animations, and transitions. So you don’t need any additional video editing software. But in case you want to make more editings, consider using free tools such as Adobe Express video editor

Use professionally produced video templates when you don’t have a knack for design or prefer to save time.

Step 5: Generate The Video

That’s everything. We’ve just created an interesting video utilizing AI. When we click ‘Generate video,’ AI apps will carry out some AI process, and here is our video. 

We may view, download, share, or embed the video. It can be done when the video has undergone the algorithm and content control procedure.

If we like it, we can even reproduce it or make a video template out of it.


Can AI create Youtube videos? Yes, it can and will create a video beyond our expectations. 

We don’t need to have professional skills and spend much time editing. AI will assist us in most tasks; we only need to review and press buttons. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. What are the best AI video generators?

    Different AI video generators will offer you their unique features. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one suitable for you. However, one of the apps that we suggest for you since it gives the most advanced functions and content creators usually use is Pictory.

  2. How long should my YouTube video be?

    You are unlikely to gain copyright proteYouTube is a highly adaptable platform. Our video channel format heavily influences the duration of our video. However, the suggested duration is between 7 and 15 minutes. There’s also a new format named “YouTube Shorts.” The video length should be 60 seconds.ction for anything AI generates unless you include your work of authorship. You can add your original thoughts, which would then be covered by copyright. When someone claims their content must be in the public domain, the business would explain with their involvement.

  3. What makes a good YouTube script?

    When writing scripts for YouTube channels, remember our target audience. Then, consider how we may give them useful information or amusement, including graphics or sounds. Last, think about the video’s objective and how it works into your broader YouTube or even social media approach.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor, CEO and Founder at Quarule. He has over 20 years of expertise as an AI Consultant in evaluating AI technology and developing AI strategies.