Janitor AI Review: Best Personal AI Chatbot Platform

Janitor AI – One of the AI technologies highlighted at the start of 2024 is the chatbot system. Janitor AI is the most searched-for and discussed chatbot application on social media platforms today. So, what is Janitor AI, what makes it a special AI chatbot, what are its advantages and disadvantages, what is pricing, and how does it compare to other platforms? This review covers everything you need to know about Janitor AI.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a role-playing chatbot based on the newest artificial intelligence algorithms. It allows users to freely interact and communicate with fictional characters of their choice on any topic they prefer. Additionally, the platform can be used to answer questions, provide information, and more.

Janitor AI also offers various character options, divided into a wide range of tags, from human to non-human, horror to comedy, and so on. 

Unlike other AI chatbot platforms, Janitor AI designs its characters in Anime style, providing a unique and novel experience, especially for Anime fans.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Janitor AI is good at understanding and generating suitable responses depending on every context and personality of the character. Therefore, when conversing with Janitor AI, users will feel like they are actually in a real-world scenario. Beyond entertainment, this AI chatbot platform can also be integrated into other applications to develop human-like AI chatbots for business purposes such as customer support and others.

What are the key features that make Janitor AI a special tool? 

With its impressive and vast collection of available characters, contextual understanding and natural language processing, personalized characters ability, and an NSFW feature, Janitor AI is one of the most special AI chatbot platforms for all ages. Here are the details of Janitor AI’s key features:

Various character options

Janitor AI stands out as one of the top platforms in terms of character options which other AI chatbot platforms can not compare. Janitor AI provides an impressive and vast collection of available characters, with over 420,000 characters overall, including male characters and female characters.  With thousands of choices, users can easily select the right character by reading character descriptions. If not found, you can also create and customize a new character. And since users are free to create as many characters as they like, this number will only continue to grow.

Personalize your characters

Janitor AI is perfect for creating and designing unique characters based on your own specific requirements. The AI chatbot allows you to create characters not just based on existing templates but also customized according to your specific stories, interests, or purposes. For example, if you are a writer who is looking for new ideas for your novel, you can use this feature to create a main character with complex personality traits in a unique context or even a villain with clear motives and goals.

Ability to understand context and process natural language

Janitor AI can understand and respond exactly following the context. The characters’ responses closely match their personalities and the story’s context, rather than being simple other chatbots that only follow commands. Instead of responding with a fixed script, Janitor AI can interact like a real character. With its ability to get subtle and complex content in conversations, Janitor AI will know how to adjust the story to make it fulfill your expectations.  Moreover, the platform uses advanced language models such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, along with its proprietary model known as JanitorLLM, aiming to provide all users with richer and more engaging experiences to their everyday lives. 

NSFW feature

Janitor AI offers a unique feature compared to other AI chatbot platforms by allowing NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, but this feature is only for users over 18 years old. Users can activate this feature in their settings to access sexual content, as well as violence and gore. Although it permits NSFW content, Janitor AI ensures safety by banning certain types of harmful content.

Janitor AI use cases 

Janitor AI is a multifunctional AI chatbot platform ideal for entertainment, educational support, and customer service. 

Entertainment: Users can engage with AI characters from different settings, such as anime series, video games, or literary works, for unique entertainment experiences.

Education: Users can interact with AI experts in areas such as science, history, and literature, gaining insights from detailed and accurate responses.

Customer Service: Businesses can train Janitor AI as automated customer support, efficiently handling inquiries and offering product details.

Pros and cons of Janitor AI

Even though the website has impressive features, it’s still being tested and improved, so there are bound to be some issues

Pros Cons
✦ Friendly user interface – User jus need to register, choose your favorite character or create a new one, and then start chatting
✦ Flexible and affordable pricing
✦ Private concern
✦ Provide all kinds of content: SFW and even NSFW
✦ Limited language
✦ 18+ content that not suit for all users, especially children
✦ Response times can be slow sometimes (even more than 10 minutes if you require video screenshots)

Is Janitor AI free for all users? 

Yes, Janitor AI is totally free for all users. Additionally, Janitor AI provides a Pro version which includes enhanced and smarter features. The pricing plan for Janitor AI Pro is as follows: 

  • Free model: allow up to 50 messages each month.
  • Standard model: costs $2.99 per month and includes 1,000 messages monthly, with permanent but limited memory and the option to create private characters.
  • Premium model: costs $12.99 per month and increases the message limit to 5,000 messages monthly.
  • Deluxe model: costs $39.99 per month and provides unlimited messages each month

Janitor AI compared to other AI chatbot platforms

Let compare price, user interface, character options, memory ability and its NSFW features of others AI chatbots platform that are pretty common today 

NamePrice User interface Various characters and tagsMemory for free versionSupport NSFW
Janitor AiFree version and Pro version (price depended)Easy to use. Support OpenAI API keyOver 420,000 characters8k tokens Yes
Character AI Cost 9,99 dollars per monthEasy to useOver 32,000 charactersNot specificNo
Pephop AI Cost 4.99 dollars per month (limited 2000 messages) Easy to use 12.000 characters, including 7181 NSFW characters4096 tokens around 3000 words Yes
Spicy Chat Free version: Queue and limited functions
Monthly: cost 5 dollars per month 
Easy to use. Support OpenAI API keyOver 80 tags and 60.000 characters  2040 tokensYes
Chub Venus AICost 5 dollars per month Need APIs or pay to Chub’s API in order to use Over 57.000 characters in overall, and contains over 46.000 NSFW character 2048 tokensYes


Is Janitor AI private? 

Yes, Janitor AI is committed to protecting your chat conversations. So, you don’t need to worry about sharing secrets, thoughts, or fantasies with the chatbot. However, if you integrate it with Chat GPT, your Janitor AI chats may be visible to staff.

Can I use Janitor AI in my projects?

Yes, you can use Janitor AI in your projects. It’s versatile for tasks like enhancing website interaction, automating customer support, enriching virtual assistants, analyzing data, supporting educational initiatives, generating content, and automating routine tasks. 


Here is everything you need to know about Janitor AI – a chatbot tool that uses AI technology to create conversations with virtual characters. It’s an excellent application worth experiencing. However, there may still be some technical issues, and encountering problems with Janitor AI not functioning can be frustrating. But the founding and design team is continuously developing the product to perfect it for users. You should notice that it does contain a significant amount of NSFW content, which might not be suitable for professional content creation. For more accurate and professional responses, you might want to consider trying out the GPT 4.0 version.

Magnus Wander

Magnus Wander