Snapchat Planet Order And Meaning 

Snapchat Planet

Most Gen Z get used to Snapchat and Snapchat Planet, an innovative feature that assigns planets to your friends based on how close you are. The elements are related to the solar system, where you’re the sun in the center, and your friends are like planets orbiting around you. 

This article will explain in detail what this app’s solar system and each element mean. It will also include tips and tricks on improving relationships with friends and having more fun using the app. Let’s scroll down for more! 

About Snapchat Planet

Short Answer: Snapchat planet imitates the solar system, where each user is the central sun and their friends are the 8 surrounding planets. Depending on how much you communicate with your friends in the network, they will be assigned an appropriate planet. 

What’s It?

Snapchat Planet is a new feature that allows users to mark someone as a BFF based on their interaction on the app. It was introduced to improve user experience and create a more convenient social network. 

Just like the harmony of the sun and its surrounding planets, this system works with the central user and their friends. Each planet orbits the sun at a certain distance; some are closer, and some are further. 

Similarly, each person in your friend’s circle will belong to one planet, depending on your frequency of mutual communication. While Spicy Chat AI emphasizes textual communication, Snapchat prioritizes visual connection, including multimedia content.

Note that the planets are not much about the app’s functionality; they are more about insight and enjoyment while using the app. They offer a playful approach to comprehending and managing your interactions with your friends without having direct effects on any feature. 

Though you can not control what icon appears, i.e., directly picking one for a friend, it’s all about how you interact with your friends on the app (frequency, content, etc.). The celestial body that best symbolizes your friendship will naturally change depending on how and when you engage with each buddy.

How Does It Work? 

The app’s solar system assigns planets to friends based on their most shared chats and snaps. The more they have shared with you, the closer planet they will be assigned.

In the real solar system, Mercury is the shortest distance from the sun. Accordingly, the Mercury element will be designated to your best buddy on the app. The second closest group is Vernus, and the order will continue until the 8th solar system member, Neptune. 

You may regard the icons as a private feature that provides insight into your interactions without making them public to the larger community. In other words, the symbols will not be visible to every user.

The icons for your friends may alter in response to your connection with them. They will be brought to a closer or further position depending on your level of mutual engagement. This means how and how often the symbol will change depends on you. 

The next section will provide a detailed explanation of each planetary element to help you understand it better and easily use the app to adjust a friend’s position.

Snapchat Planet Order Explanation 

Now, we all know that, just like the positions of planets and the sun in the solar system, a user is ranked with a planetary element corresponding to their “distance” from you in this social network. Here is a detailed explanation of the order of Snapchat planets.


  • Features 

The planet’s Bitmoji is pink, and red hearts are around the icon.

  • Description And Meaning

Let’s start with Mercury! Based on its rapid orbit around the sun, Mercury means engagement and quick response on the app. 

If you see a friend’s name attached to this symbol, it indicates that you and he/she have fast and consistent interaction. You both want to keep the conversation going strong, so you reply to each other’s messages and snaps right away. In case Mercury is your sign, you are your friend’s closest friend.


  • Features

Venus symbol is a light brown or beige planet with blue, yellow, and pink hearts around it.

  • Description And Meaning

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, represents closeness and affection on Snapchat. When given to a user, it indicates a close relationship marked by frequent, heartfelt messages and photo exchanges.

Venus is the second planet after Mercury, orbiting around the sun. Similarly, the element symbolizes the person who is ranked second on your list of friends.


  • Features

The Earth element features the same symbol as our real Earth (green and blue) and moon, stars and red hearts.

  • Description And Meaning

Earth, the 3rd solar system member, means a user’s third best buddy in the Snapchat planet order. It stands for reliability and stability, implying a steady and harmonious relationship. 

Earth more often relates to glimpses into each other’s lives from everyday life than to quick exchanges, indicating a relative closeness between you and Earth friends.


  • Features 

Mars symbol is designed as a red planet with stars and blue and purple hearts.

  • Description And Meaning

Mars, the fourth planet in our solar system, is your fourth closest friend in your Snapchat friend’s circle. This fiery competitor symbol is about competition and action, promoting lively exchanges through games or tasks. 

When your friend assigns you Mars, you rank as their fourth favorite. Although this order might upset some users, its purpose is to encourage dynamic conversation.


  • Features

The app creates a Jupiter icon with orange color, dark orange stripes, and yellow, pink, and blue stars moving around it.

  • Description And Meaning

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and it represents the growth and opening up of new possibilities (e.g., connections) on Snapchat. Interaction is no longer only about snaps and direct messages. 

Associating with Jupiter may mean interacting with a broader range of media, including shared stories, suggesting a comprehensive interest in your friend’s profile. When a user is assigned Jupiter, they are ranked fifth out of eight friends.


  • Features

Saturn on the app is repressed by a yellow-orange planet with a ring and stars revolving around it. 

  • Description And Meaning

The Saturn symbol is associated with the 6th planet order, meaning Saturn friends are at the 6th position on your social network’s friend list. The icon with a ring represents a commitment.

It denotes a steady, enduring connection and a long-term commitment to friendship. Both parties in this friendship relationship are committed to keeping in touch even though communication isn’t always quick or frequent.


  • Features

The app designed the Uranus icon as a green planet without hearts but only stars around. 

  • Description And Meaning

Uranus has a peculiar rotation and tilt, which indicates the quirky and unpredictable interaction on Snapchat. You and your Uranus buddy may surprise each other by enjoying an unusual sense of humor together.

Uranus is the seventh order number out of the eight friend slots on Snapchat. To grow the rank of Uranus friends, connect with them more. 


  • Features

Neptune is a blue planet with blue surrounding stars.

  • Description And Meaning

Neptune is the last member of the solar system and the furthest planet from the sun. If you’re given a Neptune icon, you’re ranked 8th, the last place in the list of your friends. 

Neptune is a symbol of mystery, depth, and intuition. It could indicate that there is a deeper level of interaction with the app between you and this person that you may need to discover. If you want to improve this relationship, sharing meaningful content that can stimulate other’s interest will be helpful.

Tips To Stay Connected With Your Snapchat Planet Groups 

The way a planet is assigned to a user is based on how close they are to you, just like the distance to the sun. 

Unlike the synthetic material created in Fakeyou AI, which can be harmful to viewers, Snapchat focuses on real content generated by users. Depending on the amount and frequency of snaps and streaks you share with your friends, you can push them to further planets or bring them to a closer position.

Here are tips for staying connected with the close planets on Snapchat and improving a friend’s rank in your digital solar system.

With Mercury

Mercury is like your best friend on Snapchat, and there are a few things you can do to keep a strong relationship:

  • Personal messaging them frequently with compliments.
  • Talk to them about your hobbies and interests.
  • Continue with the shared streaks and take more pictures together.
  • Bring them presents or make unexpected gestures.
  • Assist them with their objectives and help them overcome difficulties.
  • Spend time with them in person.

With Neptune

You may wish to contact your Neptune buddies, who are your furthest away on Snapchat planet. Here is how you can do it:

  • Find out how their recent lives are and what they are doing recently.
  • You may want to send them a personal message after a long absence of connection. 
  • If you still feel uncomfortable with private talk, create a group chat or video call and invite them. 
  • Show that you’re also interested in their hobbies. 
  • If there was conflict or misunderstanding leading to neglect between you two, say sorry for that and start the relationship over again. 

With Others In Between

Everybody understands that an assigned planet indicates how close a relationship is. Most of the time, it reflects the real situation between you and your friend. But sometimes, it can be a disappointment. 

You may have different expectations for each planetary group on your Snapchat friend list, so be honest with yourself to avoid disappointment. If you find out there’s a boundary between you and a user, respect it and give them some time and space if they need it before you start to improve the relationship. 

If possible, talk to them honestly and clearly. Thank them for their contributions and efforts, and show your interest in a better connection. 

Tips To Know If You Are Designated A Planet By A Friend 

Before figuring out if you are designated a planetary icon, you need to have a Snapchat Plus subscription. After signing up, we may see a gold-outlined “best friends” or “friends” symbol in a friend’s profile.

If you see the “best friends” badge, you and that person are among the mutual top 8 of each other. If the “friends” badge presents, you’re assigned as one of the 8th planets. 

However, there can be no reciprocation with the “friends” badge, meaning that person may not be designated any planetary icon among your friend system. 

So, just by opening your friend’s profile and tapping on the badges, you will know the assigned positions and their meanings. For example, if you see Venus, you’re the 2nd closest person to your friend. He or she shares many snaps and streaks with you, but still less than with their Mercury friends. 

Once again, the most crucial thing to remember is that only Snapchat Plus users have access to this function, so if you use the regular version, you shouldn’t become upset as you can’t find the badges. 

Summarized steps:

  1. Download the app, sign up for an account, and start making friends. 
  2. Select the Snapchat Plus option on the banner on your profile. You can choose the trial version for 7 days.
  3. Restart the app.
  4. Go to a friend’s profile and click on the “friends” or “best friends” badge.
  5. Now you know the planet you are. If you wish to stop this function, cancel the trial version before the last day. 


Snapchat Planet helps you organize your friends into groups according to how you interact with them on the app. You may utilize this feature to strengthen your connections and enjoy Snapchat more by learning what each planet represents.Register for Snapchat Plus and begin a free trial; then, you can use Snapchat Planet. Follow the above tips and tricks to manage your expectations for your friends, including staying close to your best friend or connecting more with the further-ranked planets.

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Seamus Wilbor

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