FakeYou AI Review: How To Make The Most Out Of It?


In the era of artificial intelligence, voice cloning and lipsync emerged as remarkable innovations with widespread applications, especially in entertainment. One phenomenon that captured the attention of many content creators is FakeYou AI. However, like other AI-powered tools, feedback for this app is a mixed bag. Let’s break down its pros and cons in this FakeYou AI review to see if it suits your needs!

What Is FakeYou AI? 

Drawing its concept from deepfakes, FakeYou AI quickly gained popularity for its unique features. The artificial intelligence tool employs synthesis algorithms and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to clone and synthesize voices. Essentially, it allows users to convert text into speech with any tone available in the library.

Unquestionably, content creators, marketers, and regular users can take advantage of this tool to add more appealing elements to their digital products. Individuals can replicate their voice for personal blog posts, reels, or podcasts, while professional developers can leverage available resources for their upcoming apps or games.

Two Main Functions Of FakeYou AI


As its name suggests, the speech generator converts text into synthesized speech. It fully exploits the power of deep learning and artificial intelligence to analyze human voice patterns and detect personal characteristics that you may not even realize. Based on this data, the system imitates intonation and phonetics to create sounds closely resembling the target person’s voice.

Video Lip Sync

This function is the developers’ attempt to expand the platform’s functionality. Based on the Wav2Lip project, it still works on deep learning mechanisms designed for lip synchronization.

Its main goal is to synchronize the specified audio file with the target videos available on the platform. These videos have a wide range of content, from iconic movie scenes and famous news stories to even still images inspired by viral memes and famous people. You can also contribute to the community by uploading your material using the comments section at the bottom.

FakeYou AI Review: Is It Worth Your Time?


Voice Library

More than 3000 voices, which are classified into different categories, like  Celebrities, Movies, Comics, Cartoons, Memes, etc., are available to cater to different preferences. With abundant resources, it undoubtedly attracts more users from all walks of life.

Even better, the platform supports multi-language options to tailor the output. Most AI voices usually come in popular languages, such as English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and French. However, certain voices are only reserved for a particular language. This limitation creates a linguistic barrier for international users and also affects the output quality (I will mention it in the subsequent section).

Voice Output

FakeYou possesses Deepfake technology and a powerful TTS engine that generates audio content within seconds. The extensive voice library is a solid base for this function, but the results may disappoint you. A recent review on Trustpilot gave it a one-star rating due to poor voice quality, and I couldn’t find any five-star reviews in other online communities. It is safe to say that this platform is not as highly rated as AI-based tools, such as Elai, SpicyChat, etc.

In my experience, only a few AI voices sound really realistic. Most of the rest fail to convey the emotions and intonation that live up to my expectations. The limited language support sometimes leads to inaccurate results when processing texts from non-native users. For instance, when I entered a Chinese speech and opted for Tom Cruise’s accent, the output was barely comprehensible.

Though the audio quality depends on the quality of the available soundboard, the lack of customization features is another factor that influences the output. Unlike other AI-based TTS platforms, FakeYou does not let users adjust the pitch, speed, or tone. As a result, the speech may repeat your input exactly, but it often falls flat.

For example, when I crafted a powerful speech for Joe Biden, filled with strong affirmations and emphatic appeals. FakeYou AI did not deliver my vision perfectly. I found that the platform currently struggles to interpret punctuation like exclamation points, which are crucial for conveying those dramatic pauses and emphasis needed to land my message.


It is easy to produce voiceover audio on FakeYou AI

FakeYou exhibits an easy-to-use dashboard with a clear layout and well-labeled sections right on the main screen. Even non-tech-savvy folks could head to the platform without any hassle. 

A notable advantage is that the official website supports many languages based on your domain. I found it easy to navigate the setup process in my native language. Choosing between extensive libraries did not take as much time as I thought. The tool also shows user ratings for each voice to determine sound quality. So, if you do not know the best option for your video, refer to community reviews and select the most popular voice. 

On the downside, I encountered a few problems with Video Lip Sync. I tried inserting an audio file into a close-up scene of Woody in Toy Story. After a long wait, the tool still did not deliver any results. I also tried using other video clips, but the results remained unchanged.

User Support

FakeYou is a freemium platform, but its free features may fail to satisfy standard needs. The 12-second audio limit on the TTS tool proves inadequate for conveying any message on social media platforms. As a content creator, I have to pay for the premium package to access two minutes of voice generation. Even so, I had to work on two different files and combine them to complete a full TikTok video.

Marketers or programmers should consider a service upgrade if they plan to use the output for commercial purposes. Only the Elite package allows free use of AI voice, while cheaper plans offer a limited license. You can only utilize the platform’s resources for personal or non-commercial purposes.

Is It The Right App For You? 

I give FakeYou AI 4 out of 5 points for its features and user experience. It is a powerful tool to create short voiceover videos for personal use. Those who love Deepfake and want to develop products using a variety of voices can also find it interesting and useful. Alternatively, you can use voice imitation skills to contribute models to the community. On the other hand, professional voice actors and content creators might consider other advanced tools or enrolling in the premium package.

Below is a short rundown of its pros and cons for your consideration: 


  • Free trial service
  • User-friendly tool
  • 3,000+ AI voices of different categories
  • Multi features of voice cloning 


  • Nonfunctional lip sync function
  • No voice customization
  • Commercial use only available for the premium package

How To Use FakeYou AI 

Want to enjoy FakeYou’s amazing functions? Here are 6 easy steps to join this voice cloning app: 

  • Step 1: Head to FakeYou’s official website and create an account. If you’ve already had one, proceed to log in. 
  • Step 2: Choose “Text to Speech” or “Voice to Voice“. If you go for the first function, type your text in the box. For the remaining function, upload audio input from your device. (Remember that only WAV, MP3, OGG, and FLAC are supported).
  • Step 3: Click on the top bar and scroll the list of voices. You can also enter your desired character’s name and see if it is available. If yes, tap it to select. 
  • Step 4: If you fail to find your favorite tone, hit the Explore Voices button. You will come across an additional section that allows you to adjust the language and category. The system then filters the choices that match your requirements and displays them in the top bar again. 
  • Step 5: Once satisfied with the voice settings, tap on Speak and wait a few minutes. 
  • Step 6: A short audio will show up below the command buttons. Click the Play icon to get your result and select Share/Download to save it to your device. 

Service Packages Of FakeYou AI


This plan is ideal for users who want to expand video and audio functionality. For $7/month, the platform unlocks unlimited generation on the Text to Speech feature and 30s outputs. In Voice-to-Voice, it allows audio production of up to 4 minutes. When it comes to Wav2Lip, the results last up to 1 minute.


Content creators or Deepfake enthusiasts may find the Pro package a powerful extension for their work and interests. In addition to the added functions of the Plus plan, it promises faster process times. It also uploads several private models and increases audio duration in all tools, including up to 1 minute on the Text-to-Speech tool, 5 minutes on Voice-to-Voice, and 2 minutes on Wav2Lip. All these advanced features only cost $15 per month. 


The Plus plan offers everything you need for voice cloning (including the functions of the other two packages) for $25 per month. Additional features include FakeYou commercial voices, unlimited Voice-to-Voice generation, and up to 2 minutes of audio on the Text-to-Speech tool. Users can also share their private models with the Discord community.


From my FakeYou AI review, we could see that this tool shines for regular users interested in voice cloning and deepfake. However, there is room for improvement to cater to users with professional needs. If you want to contribute to this community, please leave your feedback. Your reviews help not only other users find their favorites but also developers to improve the app over time.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor, CEO and Founder at Quarule. He has over 20 years of expertise as an AI Consultant in evaluating AI technology and developing AI strategies.