Can Packback Detect ChatGPT: The Answer You Cannot Miss

Are you wondering if Packback can detect content created by ChatGPT or cannot? In this article, we provide you with detailed answers to this question. Moreover, we also delve into its special features to help you understand clearly

Can Packback Detect ChatGPT?

The answer is yes, Packback has recently introduced a new feature called A.I. Writing Detection that automatically detects AI-generated content. This feature can also detect plagiarism, identify profanity, and check the quality of article sources, among other things.

Furthermore, they plan to incorporate this feature into their writing-oriented curriculum. Thus, for the spring 2023 courses, AI-generated content and articles will be flagged on student-led discussion platforms. These include Packback questions, essay writing, research coaching platforms, and Deep Dives.

Using Chat GPT can cause plagiarism issues

What Are Useful Features Of Packback Platform?

Unlike ChatGPT, Packback leverages AI to allow students to improve their writing skills and enhance their critical thinking. Specifically, the application provides effective feedback and explanations, enabling students to understand where their arguments might be not strong or inappropriate. It also guides them so they can self-direct and improve their essays.

Currently, Packback’s technology supports the writing of long essays for more than 800 instructors and aids 1.5 million students. Furthermore, Packback’s database includes up to 87 million questions and answers from those who have participated and posted on its platform. As a result, higher education institutions can use this tool to improve their educational systems. In detail, it has assistants in enhancing student learning, and they can compose their reports with increased confidence and ensure instructor-reported writing quality. 

Next, this tool also helps to check if the submitted text is generated by Chat GPT or generated from other AI tools. So, with this feature, it helps to improve academic honesty. 

Packback supports improve academic honesty. 

How To Handle Unedited AI-Generated Text Submissions?

In some cases, the tool may flag falsely if your students write general information and don’t go into detailed information. So here’s a detailed guide to double-checking to know whether AI-generated content:

  • Verify sources: You evaluate the credibility and relevance of any cited sources. Normally, AI-generated text often struggles with citing accurate and relevant sources. If the sources are non-existent or irrelevant, it’s a red flag.
  • Analyze specificity: AI-generated content is often more general, lacking the depth of understanding and thought of humans. In some cases, the student’s writing is not clear, they might need additional support to improve their writing quality.
  • Check for content accuracy: AI tools can give inaccurate information. So, see if there are false statements or information in the student’s writing.
  • Compare with previous submissions: If possible, comparing the current work with past submissions can help verify or dismiss your suspicions.

After reviewing, if you believe the student uses the AI tools to generate text, it’s advisable to:

  • Arrange a meeting: Request the student to attend a meeting where you can discuss your concerns.
  • Discuss your observations: Explain to the student why their submission article is incorrect without making accusations.
  • Enquire about their process: Ask the student about their research, writing, and editing process for the assignment.
  • Allow for resubmission: As it’s challenging to prove AI-generated text, it may be best to allow the student to revise and resubmit their work. This allows them to learn from their mistakes. 
Using AI to generate content


So, Packback can detect AI-created text, like ChatGPT. This is a big step forward for academic honesty and a clear example of Packback’s dedication to supporting real learning and helping students think critically. By giving educators the tools to spot and manage AI-created content, Packback is helping guide the future of education. 


  1. Is Packback beneficial for learners?

    Yes, Packback is an educational platform designed to boost student involvement, curiosity, and critical thinking skills through comprehensive discussions. 

  2. How does Packback's AI function?

    Packback uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in its Instant Feedback feature. It provides students with real-time feedback on their work. Besides, it also offers a range of Curiosity Scores, comments on their writing skills (including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure), and early warnings if their posts could potentially be flagged.

  3. What is a Packback assignment?

    On this platform, the students will create the discussion questions. This approach allows students to expand their thoughts, actively engage in the learning process, and practice their writing skills.

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir is an AI Expert and Consultant at Quarule. He has over 10 years of hands-on experience in developing AI solutions for businesses.