Can ChatGPT Be Detected For Plagiarism? Critical Analysis

With the rise of such powerful language models, concerns have been raised about the potential for plagiarism. 

Our article will answer the question: “Can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism?” with depth- analysis for you!

Can The Work Of ChatGPT Be Detected For Plagiarism?

The answer is yes. Even when the output is produced by an AI language model like Chat GPT, plagiarism detection tools may find similarities in the language and context.

Nevertheless, knowing if the content of ChatGPT is plagiarized is not an easy task, and many challenges need to be overcome.

Yes, ChatGPT can detect plagiarism

What Are The Challenges Of Detecting Plagiarism Of ChatGPT?

Let’s dive deep into some difficulties of detecting plagiarism in the output of AI.

The complication of the technology

The fact that ChatGPT has learned from many different sources and an enormous amount of data has enabled the tool to generate text that is brilliant in context and accurate in grammar, which is difficult for the platforms of checking plagiarism to identify which one is written by humans and which one is generated from the artificial intelligence tool.

Shortage of data for training

There is a piece of information that you should know about the nature of plagiarism detection platforms. Such tools depend on the data input for training to operate the plagiarism-checking features. 

Nevertheless, as ChatGPT is new on the market of academic writing, there is a need for more data that can be used to train those plagiarism detection tools, which makes it difficult for plagiarism checker software to recognize which parts come from the ChatGPT correctly.

There is not enough data to train ChatGPT for plagiarism detection

Tricks used by users

You should never be surprised at how fast some users can devise new solutions to counter plagiarism detection tools. Examples of such tips are altering the sentence structure, paraphrasing, and using synonyms. 

Suppose the original content is changed in any way. In that case, the program that checks for plagiarism will have more difficulty doing its duties.

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Lack of ChatGPT detecting software for teachers

ChatGPT is a really advanced tool with the ability to give out texts that are natural and close to human language. Such talent may pose challenges for plagiarism-checking platforms to identify which text is human-written and which has been acquired from ChatGPT.

As a result, the tools that are able to defeat ChatGPT have to be very advanced and sophisticated, which also means that the price charged for such tools can be relatively high. 

Teachers may not be provided with sufficient tools for detection

Some educational institutions plan to cut the smallest budget, so some teachers may not be financially sufficient to use checking tools such as Turnitin or Copyscape.


As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, the answer to the question: “Can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism? is Yes.  

Although the advancement of technology is good, it becomes crucial to strike a balance between promoting AI advancements and ensuring ethical content creation to build a trustworthy and responsible AI ecosystem.


  1. What are some famous platforms for ChatGPT detecting?

    Many educators and teachers use Turnitin to check on the students’ work. Moreover, some free options are available on the Internet, like GPT-2 Output Detector, Writer AI Content Detector, and Content at Scale.

  2. Can you outsmart those platforms?

    Yes, there are some tips and tricks can be applied to outsmart plagiarism detection tools. Those include paraphrasing the output from ChatGPT using your own words, making minor changes to the sentence structure, utilizing synonyms, incorporating a customized story or examples in writing, and more.

  3. Is it unethical to use ChatGPT in education?

    There has been a latest check for some common programming languages, and it has been confirmed that ChatGPT can use PHP, Python, Java, C#, and other popular programming languages.

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir

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