How To Fix ChatGPT Access Denied Error 1020? A Detailed Step

Error 1020 in ChatGPT usually happens due to issues with the IP address, browser cache or cookies, VPN or proxy connections, or security measures implemented by the service provider. In this article, I will provide you with 6 steps to fix the ChatGPT access denied error 1020 and understand why it occurs.

How To Fix ChatGPT Access Denied Error 1020?

Fix Chat GPT Access Denied Error 1020
Fix Chat GPT Access Denied Error 1020

You can resolve the ChatGPT access denied error 1020 by following the 6 steps below:

Step 1: Check for IP address issues

Checking to see if your IP address has been blocked or flagged is the first step in fixing this mistake. Cloudflare may have blocked your IP address if it has been associated with suspicious or malicious activity. 

Try accessing ChatGPT from a different network or computer to verify if this is the case. If you can reach the service from a different IP address, then the problem may be with your original IP.

Step 2: Check permissions

Make sure you have the required permissions to access the service. Some websites may restrict access to ChatGPT based on user roles or subscription plans. Make sure your account has the right permissions by talking to the site’s owner or service provider.

Step 3: Enable VPN and refresh the page

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can sometimes disrupt Cloudflare’s security checks, leading to the error 1020 message. If you’re using a VPN, try temporarily turning it off and reloading the page to see if the mistake still shows up.

Step 4: Clear ChatGPT data

Clearing your ChatGPT data can often resolve access issues, especially if your session or saved data is not working properly. To do this, go to the OpenAI website and look for the part labeled “settings” or “preferences.” After clearing, reload the page and try again.

Step 5: Updating or changing Internet service providers

Sometimes, the issue may be caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs may use security measures or set up their networks in ways that make it hard for Cloudflare to do its checks. This is what causes the “Access Denied Error 1020” message. 

Step 6: Contacting support for assistance

If none of these solutions work, it is recommended to seek assistance from the support team. They can help you figure out why you’re getting the error 1020 and fix the problem. Find a contact or help page on the ChatGPT website and send them a message with a detailed explanation of the problem.

Why Access Denied Error 1020 Happened?

Error 1020 is usually caused by the “Access Denied” message that is sent by Cloudflare, a famous service for improving website security and speed. When you see this error, it means that Cloudflare is blocking your access to the website you are trying to visit. Several factors could have contributed to this error:

  • Cloudflare may have blocked your IP address, which you are using to get to the page. This could happen if the IP address has been flagged for doing something suspicious or bad.
  • Firewall rules: The website may not be accessible because Cloudflare’s firewall rules have been set off by certain acts or patterns of behavior on the site.
  • Browser integrity check: Cloudflare has a tool called “Browser Integrity Check” that looks for certain headers in your browser’s request. If these codes are missing or have been changed, the error 1020 could happen.
  • Rate limiting: If a user or bot makes too many requests to a website in a short amount of time, Cloudflare’s rate limiting tool could block access.
  • Misconfigured security settings: The website owner may have set up some of Cloudflare’s security settings wrong, limiting access by accident.

How To Prevent Error 102 Message

Follow these steps to avoid getting Error 1020 (Access Denied) messages:

  • IP address management: If you don’t want your IP address to be reported, don’t do anything suspicious or bad online. Check often to see if your IP is on a ban.
  • Secure reach permissions: Make sure that users who try to reach your website or service have the right permissions so that Cloudflare doesn’t block them for no reason.
  • Configure firewall rules: Set up correct firewall rules to keep the Error 1020 message from being caused by false positives.
  • Browser integrity check: Change the settings for Browser Integrity Check to reduce false rejects and keep security.
  • Handle DDoS attacks: Set up DDoS protection means to keep attacks at bay without affecting real users.
  • Strategy for rate limiting: Use rate limiting wisely, letting real users through while stopping rude requests.
  • Check security settings: Review and change your security settings often to make sure they meet the needs of your website.
  • Work with Cloudflare support: If problems keep happening, talk to Cloudflare support for help and custom answers.


In conclusion, the Error 1020 message in ChatGPT can be caused by several reason, such as problems with the IP address, browser cache and cookies, VPN or proxy connections, or even a lack of security. You can apply 6 steps we reveal above to make sure this error will not happen.

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

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