Top 15 Free Undress AI Tools That Blow Your Mind: A Walkthrough

free undress AI tools

AI has been a familiar concept for decades, but it wasn’t until 2022 that it officially became mainstream! Even if we’re not skilled editors, making changes to photos and pictures is easier than ever with these tools. We can change the backgrounds, add details, or even remove clothing from the figures in seconds. 

Still skeptical? Let’s look at the best 15 free undress AI tools on the market. 

Top 15 Best Free Undress AI Tools

1. Undress CC

All the clothing will be removed in 30 seconds

Undress CC easily stands out as one of the most popular AI tools thanks to its simple interface. 

Signing up takes less than two seconds, and you can use your existing Facebook or Gmail account! Once logged in, click the “Make Deepnude” button at the center of the screen, upload your image, and hit “Generate.” 

In 30 seconds, you’ll have a new picture with all the clothing removed. What’s truly impressive is the unchanged image quality; if you upload an original photo of 300 DPI, the “undressed” one will remain exactly 300 DPI! Everything looks so natural, from the anatomy to the skin tone, that you won’t even realize it’s been edited. This is not something you can find in NSFW ChatGPT or similar applications.

However, with a free plan, all downloaded pictures will come with watermarks, and other special editing features are unavailable. There’s only one way to unlock them: upgrading to the Standard or Pro package! 


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality pictures


  • No editing features (unless you upgrade your plans)
  • Watermarks
  • Limited credits

2. Undress AI

You can change the body type to Skinny, Curvy, or Slim

Undress AI is another app I highly recommend. Although the editing is automated, I can also make some manual tweaks! 

Here’s how it goes: First, I uploaded the original picture to Undress AI. The AI then highlighted all the clothing items in orange and asked me to confirm whether any parts had been left out. 

If everything were good, I would just click “Go” to remove all the highlighted garments and finish the “undressing” process. But when something was still missing, I used the “Brush” tool to color those parts manually before proceeding.

Do you know what’s even better? This website isn’t limited to clothes removal! I can easily adjust the body type with diverse options like Skinny, Slim, Curvy, or Athletic. And if I don’t want to undress the model completely, Undress AI lets me change the original outfit to something else, such as lingerie or a swimsuit. 

Of course, I’d need to upgrade my plan to unlock more editing features, but the free version works fine for me.


  • Easy usage
  • Can adjust manually
  • Can change the model’s body type
  • Can change the outfits (instead of undressing completely)


  • Watermarks (free plan)
  • Limited credits
  • Low image quality (free plan) 

3. PornX AI

What sets PornX AI apart is its extensive library of editing tools

Trust me; with PornX AI, your creativity knows no bounds! 

Like other apps, you just need to upload an image, use the Brush to mark all the parts you want to change, select from several presets (Undress, Tattoo, Bikini, etc.), and hit “Generate.” 

Let’s say you choose “Undress”; it would immediately remove all the marked parts. However, for the “Tattoo” options, the selected areas will be covered in tattoos instead. You can even add a beard if the model is male.

But what sets PornX apart is its extensive library of editing tools; you will find thousands of options here. 

The website lets you transform your image into any style you can imagine, from 3D and cartoon to realism – not to mention all sorts of filters like Retro Blue, Film Grain, Bokeh & Dust, etc. Even a slight shade adjustment can bring out something completely different and take your creative work to the next level.

Let me tell you something even cooler: PornX doesn’t just work with existing photos. It generates new ones based on your prompts as well. You can specify the number of people, their age, race, ethnic group, gender (woman, man, transgender), and even the types of actions they’ll be doing. 

Also, have I told you about its community hub? Here, we can explore millions of photos created by other users! Each photo includes the creator’s name, image resolution, filter style, and — most importantly — the prompt used to generate it. Why not copy/save those prompts to create images of similar styles in the blink of an eye?


  • Diverse presets, filters, and editing tools
  • Can generate new photos based on prompts
  • A community hub where users can learn from each other
  • A personal library to save your creations (both images and videos)


  • The results take a bit longer than other apps (about 3 minutes) 

4. Seduced AI

It pays attention to every detail, from hair and eye color to the background type

Image quality is the least of my concerns here, even if the original picture looks bad or blurry. Seduced AI can effortlessly upscale it by 2X or even 3X while ensuring any changes (in this case, the clothing removal) still look completely natural.

Sure, like any AI tool, Seduced AI isn’t always perfect. 

Sometimes, the photos might still have certain weird parts, like a third limb or a misplaced belly button, but the good news is that fixing these mistakes is a breeze. Instead of re-uploading the original and praying for the best, I simply highlight the errors and request a correction. Super convenient! 

Furthermore, like PornX, Seduced AI can also generate entirely new images based on prompts. It pays attention to every detail, from hair and eye color to the background type, to ensure the result matches my vision as closely as possible. 

The range of preset options is so extensive that I don’t even have to type anything into the prompt box. For example, there are 43 pre-made background choices; I just need a few clicks here and there to select what I want.


  • Can upscale images up to 3X
  • Can fix anatomical issues
  • A “Discover” section to explore other people’s creations
  • Diverse prompt options


  • Limited credits (free plan) 
  • The interface can be confusing for some

5. Deep-Nude AI

You don’t even have to log into your account if you prefer to stay anonymous

Unlike other websites, Deep-Nude AI doesn’t limit the number of photos you can generate using its free plan. Feel free to create as many as you like; no strings attached! Unlike other NSFW ChatGPT alternatives, you don’t even have to log into your account if you prefer to stay anonymous. Just upload an image onto the canvas and get started right away. 

You’ll find two main buttons under the canvas: “Delete Object” and “Custom.” To remove something (including clothes), use the brush tool to highlight the parts you want to omit, then hit “Delete Object.” To add other details (e.g., having the model hold a glass of beer), type in a specific prompt and press “Custom.” 

How about those who prefer texting over images? Great news: Deep-Nude AI has you covered with its AI Texting section! Here, you can chat with AI bots and explore all sorts of fantasies in your head. It’s a great place to find inspiration for a novel, improve your texting skills, or simply entertain yourself after a long day.


  • Simple interface
  • An AI Texting section
  • Unlimited generation
  • No need to log into your account


  • The edits sometimes look out of place
  • The FaceSwap function is ethically controversial

6. Promptchan AI

The features are well-designed and user-friendly

Promptchan AI is super user-friendly, with straightforward buttons that are easy to navigate, even for first-time users like me.

Once the image is uploaded to the main workspace, I highlight the parts I want to change (either using a brush or drawing a rectangle around them) and click the T-shirt icon to remove the clothes. Sometimes, I add other tweaks to these highlighted parts with a few custom prompts –  turning a red skirt into black, for example. 

The Negative Prompts feature is another selling point, which allows me to specify details I don’t want to see in the final results. For instance, when I change the model’s shirt into a patterned one (any pattern except stripes), I can type “No striped shirt” into the box.

Promptchan also lets me generate completely new pictures. In addition to the basic features often seen on other websites, there’s a special segment called “AI character.” To create multiple consistent images of the same character or model, you just need to upload their profile pictures here, and that’s it! This feature is handy if you want to create a portfolio or a series of illustrations for the same project.


  • Straightforward, easy-to-use buttons
  • High-quality, realistic photos
  • Can create multiple images for the same character


  • Limited credits (free plan)
  • Anatomical issues for some auto-generated pictures

7. Pornworks AI 

The picture quality is excellent and looks realistic

Are you after quick image generation without all the complex manual editing tools? Pornworks AI is your go-to. It’s as simple as it can get: just hit the “Upload” button, and within 30 seconds, there’s the edited picture with all clothing items removed.

Since the process is fully automated, you can’t manually select specific parts to omit or alter like with other apps. But honestly, this trade-off is worth it: the picture quality is excellent, with every detail looking realistic and seamlessly fitting into the original’s style. There are fewer anatomical issues than other websites, and you can upscale the image to 4K for a mind-blowing visual feast.

There’s also a special feature for generating unique, brand-new images; just type in all the prompts you need into a box (separated by commas) and hit “Generate.” Easy as pie!

Here’s where things get even more intense: the animation option below the prompt box. Once it’s turned on, you can create seconds-long videos of your character, complete with fluttering eyes, flowing hair, and all sorts of natural movements. There’s no better way to bring all your wildest fantasies to life!


  • Quick results, fully automated
  • Realistic and lifelike pictures
  • Can create animations and videos 
  • Can refill missing parts of the pictures


  • The controversial DeepFake feature
  • Focusing mostly on female characters/models

8. Miocreate

This website works seamlessly on an iPhone or iPad

Miocreate is a less NSFW option than some other choices on my list. It lets us strip the characters down to their undergarments, bikinis, or lingerie — no full nudity here! 

Just upload the photo, pick between the bikini and lingerie options, and then play around with body types like skinny, chubby, or hourglass. Hit “Generate” once you’re satisfied; it’s that simple. 

The best part? I can stay completely anonymous and don’t need to log into my account like with other apps. (I know Miocreate is quite PG, but better be safe than sorry, right?) I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that this website works seamlessly on my iPhone and iPad, making it super convenient whenever I’m without my laptop.

You can stick to the free plan if that’s what you prefer, but remember you’ll only be able to generate 1 image daily. That seems like a missed opportunity, so I have upgraded my plan to enjoy unlimited usage. 


  • No need to log in
  • Quick results
  • No NSFW content
  • Working well on iPad and iPhone


  • Only 1 image a day
  • Limited editing/customization options

9. DeepNudeNow

You can generate results for up to 100 pictures in a single day

If you need to process tons of photos a day but aren’t under serious time pressure, DeepNudeNow is a solid choice. You can generate results for up to 100 pictures in a single day (you heard it right!), even with the free plan.

However, there’s a catch: you must wait in a queue once your original photos are uploaded. For example, if you receive the message “Your queue position is 200,” it means 199 images from other users are being processed ahead of you, and you need to be patient until it’s your turn. 

Waiting for hours might sound like a drag, but trust me, it’s worth it. With DeepNudeNow, you still get top-notch photo quality and full access to all features without upgrading your plan; that’s a sweet deal compared to other websites! Of course, you will see many pop-up advertisements along the way, but it’s a small price to pay for what you’re getting. 

Since you’ll be waiting for your turn anyway, why not make the most of it? Upload several photos at once to save yourself time and effort! 


  • No need to log in or pay for full access
  • Can process 100 images a day (free plan)
  • High-quality, realistic photos


  • Many pop-up ads
  • The wait might be for hours
  • Limited customization/editing 

10. Nudify.VIP

There are two options_ Automatic and Manual

From the same creators behind Undress CC and Undress AI comes Nudify-VIP, which undoubtedly boasts the same incredible features and an easy, intuitive interface.

Once the photo is uploaded, I’m presented with two options: Automatic (clothing changes are done automatically) and Manual (where I can use the brush tool of varying sizes to highlight the parts I want to change). 

I can’t begin to tell you how convenient it is, as I can easily tailor my approach to current demands or project deadlines! For instance, Automation is my go-to if I’m in a rush or have a large batch of photos to handle. But if I’ve got plenty of time to spare (or I’m just tinkering around for personal enjoyment), Manual mode lets me have all the fun selecting and tweaking parts at my own pace. 

Even better is the option to customize body types (slim, chubby, etc.), select image resolutions (SD or HD), and specify the character’s age for optimal results. Whether I opt for automation or manual mode doesn’t matter; once I’m satisfied with my choices and hit “Generate,” the image processing takes less than a minute. 

However, with the free plan, my options for outfit changes are limited to underwear, animal, Barbie, and bikini modes. If I want to remove clothing entirely or access more mature themes, I’ll have to — you guessed it — upgrade my plan.


  • Diverse outfit choices
  • You can choose between Auto and Manual mode
  • High-quality images
  • Fast image processing


  • There is no option for full removal of the clothes (free plan)

11. X-Pictures

There are clear instructions at the top for first-time users

As one of the most versatile AI tools on the market, X-Pictures can remove clothes and tweak details for both male and female characters. You can use a brush to highlight all the parts you want to change or get rid of, which isn’t just limited to clothes but also includes other accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. 

After you’ve made your selections, hit “Full Undress” to completely remove those parts; another option is to choose from extra presets like Bra, Bikini, Tattoo (for female characters), and Underwear, Beard, Tattoo (for male characters).

There are plenty of options for saving your creations after everything’s done. The most common choice is to download them to your computer, but why not share them on other platforms like WhatsApp, email, or Facebook so your trusted friends can enjoy it, too?

Aside from clothing removal, X-Pictures lets us create new pictures from various pre-made prompts, covering everything from body type and outfit choices to angles (from above/below or a dynamic point of view). Both the undressing and image-generating sections come with clear instructions at the top, making it super easy for even first-time users to get started.

X-Pictures is testing the option to generate lifelike videos for AI characters by the time of this writing. We’re all excited for future updates and can’t wait to see what it can do. 


  • Beautiful renditions for male and female characters
  • Various options for storage and downloads
  • Diverse prompts for image-generating
  • Clear instructions for first-timers
  • (Beta) Can generate lifelike videos


  • The presets for undressing are still limited (only 4 options/gender)
  • Limited language support (only English) 

12. SoulGen

SoulGen has a simple, user-friendly interface

Every website mentioned earlier boasts a user-friendly interface, but SoulGen is the “friendliest” of them all.

All I have to work with is a single canvas (for uploading pictures) and one prompt box where I can type out any request or desired changes for the picture – whether removing clothes, changing hair colors, or adjusting the background. Options are endless! 

Another advanced feature is ratio increase: SoulGen lets me enlarge the original picture and fill in any missing gaps using advanced refilling technology. Again, I just need to type my prompts into a box. So you see, you don’t need any special expertise or background knowledge to use these tools, except for basic reading and writing skills (plus a bit of creativity).

Generating brand-new images requires the same input: entering all the prompts into a box. Right now, this feature is only available for female characters (via two modes: Real and Anime Girls), but hopefully, it’ll expand to male characters soon.


  • Very simple interface
  • Can enlarge pictures and fill in missing background details
  • Can work with multiple images simultaneously (up to 8)


  • Exclusive to male characters
  • You cannot use tools to highlight specific parts for editing 

13. Clothoff

Simply copy and drop the picture’s link into the workspace

With Clothoff, there’s no need to save the original picture to your computer before getting to the main workspace; if you have an online link to this photo, simply copy and drop that link into the input! 

This feature is very handy if you have to simultaneously deal with multiple online images, even on smaller devices like iPhones. The loading speed is incredible, without any of the usual lag you might have encountered if you decided to save/upload original pictures instead. 

The image processing is impressively quick and with excellent quality. Plus, the watermark (for free plan) is super small and tucked away in the far corner of the picture; you can easily crop it out if needed.

Of course, the best bet is to upgrade to VIP plans to customize the model’s body size (particularly their chest and bump) and specify their age. 

But the free version works just as fine if you want to cut costs. Each “undressed” picture costs 1 coin, and you’ll start off with 4 coins when you first log in. For every friend you successfully invite to join the app (they must click on the special invite link you share and then sign up), you’ll receive 3 extra coins. 

Completing daily tasks also gives you plenty of coin-earning opportunities. 

For example, reposting their tweets on Twitter earns you 3 coins, and uploading a product review clip on TikTok scores a whopping 25! If you’ve never experimented with filming before, this is a perfect chance to learn the ropes while also enjoying all the app features. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 


  • It accepts both downloaded images and online links as input.
  • Fast loading speed and image-generating
  • Small watermark that can be cropped out for personal purpose
  • Easy opportunities to gain more coins for the free plan


  • There are few customization choices (only ages and body sizes)
  • It has no options for manual tweaks

14. Undress Baby

Undress Baby offers two outfit options_ Custom and Outfits

Undress Baby offers two outfit options: Custom (where I can input my own prompts) and Outfits (which provides preset options like bikinis and lingerie). Outfits are perfect for quick results, while Custom allows me more creative freedom.

After picking the outfits, I choose the character’s breast size (Small, Medium, Big, or Default) and hit Dress. It’s as simple as that! No fuss, no drama.

Let me be honest: Undress Baby isn’t a free app and will prompt you to subscribe once you’ve used all your free tokens. Luckily, I have found a workaround: each email address can receive 8 free tokens (enough for 8 images), so if you have 3 emails, that’s 24 free tokens.

You can earn even more tokens by providing feedback for Undress Baby or sharing the picture on social media. Set the post to “Private” if you don’t want your friends to see it — that’s what I do all the time! 


  • Fast image processing
  • Quality pictures
  • There are lots of chances to earn tokens for free trials
  • Outfits can be customized


  • Not a free app
  • It might feel intrusive if you don’t want to reveal your email address

15. Porn Journey

Clothes removal is just one of its many features

Although some websites we discussed earlier offer plenty of preset prompts, they’re mainly for generating brand-new pictures rather than customizing existing ones.

Here’s where Porn Journey sets itself apart from the race; clothes removal is just one of its many features! You can use a brush tool to highlight or mark the parts you want to change, then scroll through the menu to select preferred options for the best final results. 

For example, you can choose from White, Black, Mixed, or Eastern in the “Ethnicity” section, then move on to other sections like Body, Hair Color, Angles, and more. 

Keep selecting until you reach the end of the menu, and hit “Impaint” to apply all options instantly; trust me, what you see will blow your mind! In addition to Inpainting, you can also use the “Outpaint” feature to expand the original image. 

Like most undress tools, Porn Journey focuses primarily on female characters — though, from my experiments, it can still produce surprisingly pleasing results with pictures of thin, lean male characters! If you’re curious, why not sign up today and explore further? 


  • Diverse customization options
  • Including both Inpaint and Outpaint features


  • Still focusing mainly on female characters
  • Occasional anatomical issues

Are These Tools Safe And Legal To Use?

It depends. Before using an undress AI tool (whether free or not), ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it legal in your area? Check local laws regarding deepfakes and image manipulation.
  • Is it ethical? Would using this tool violate someone’s privacy or cause them harm?
  • Is it safe? Where will the images you create be stored? Could they be leaked?

Of course, the tools themselves might not be unsafe. However, how you use (or misuse) them can cause emotional distress and damage someone’s reputation. Distributing mature content without consent is also considered a form of illegal revenge porn, which might have serious consequences if you are caught in the act.

To play it safe, I recommend sticking to fictional characters only, such as those from anime, cartoons, or games. 

If you’re considering using pictures of real people (e.g., a celebrity you found online), it’s best to keep it to yourself. Do not use it in any way that could harm their reputation! Images of people you know personally are off-limits unless you have their explicit permission. 

How To Choose The Best Free Undress AI Tools

Safety and Ethics

Before proceeding with your research, it’s a must to consider the tool’s legal and ethical implications first. Below are some key issues you must address: 

  • Are they legal? Confirm whether these tools comply with relevant regulations in your country or city. 
  • Is there any explicit image policy? Find out if these tools prohibit using real-people images or allow them without questioning.
  • How will the generated images be used and stored? Understanding the purpose of the website or tool ensures you stay aligned with ethical standards. 

If possible, contact the company via email or phone to address all your questions and concerns. If you notice any red flags or suspect the tools may be associated with illegal activities, it would be best to stay away. 


We’ve sorted out the legal matters; now, think about what you hope to achieve with these tools! 

  • Are you looking for a quick fix where clothes are automatically removed without any fuss, or do you prefer options for manual edits? 
  • Do you just focus on changing/removing outfits, or do you also want to fine-tune other details like hair, skin tone, pose, etc.? 
  • Some apps offer extra features beyond clothes removal, such as image generation or outpainting. Is that really what you need, or can you still manage your projects without them? 

Give a well-defined answer to each question so you won’t waste your time (and possibly money) on something that doesn’t meet your needs. 


And that’s the roundup of the best free undress AI tools available! While many offer Pro or VIP plans with extra features, the free versions usually cover your basic needs just fine. Given the controversial nature of AI-generated art (especially in this… sensitive context), it’s important to uphold ethical standards. Make sure your creations don’t cause harm to anyone!

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor

Seamus Wilbor, CEO and Founder at Quarule. He has over 20 years of expertise as an AI Consultant in evaluating AI technology and developing AI strategies.