How To Use Meta AI On WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger

How To Use Meta AI On WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger

If you use FaceBook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp very often, you can’t miss using Meta AI. It is like an intelligent virtual assistant who will always answer any of your questions. Get advice, search for information, learn new hobbies, explore interests, and more – all you need to do is to reach Meta AI right at your fingers. 

The most interesting part is that you can easily access Meta AI from social networking platforms. In this review, I will show you how to use Meta AI. Install Meta AI right now and follow our instructions to explore this advanced AI chatbot tool.  

What is Meta AI? 

Meta AI is an advanced AI platform that is built on Meta Llama 3. Powered by the latest AI technology, Meta AI is like a super-intelligent assistant that can help you with any content you need. Similar to other chatbots (like ChatGPT and HyperWrite), Meta AI will answer your questions by searching for information from websites and search engines. You can ask it anything, from “Tell me a joke” to “What are the most popular destinations to visit in Cambodia?”.

Use Meta AI, and your creations will be unlimited. It can recommend things to us and even inspire us with the latest image generation technology.

Give ideas, make plans, and spark conversations – your connections will be engaging and deep more efficiently than ever. This AI tool is designed to mimic humans, so it will sound like you are chatting to a real person. Just speaking to Meta AI, like the way you talk to your real friend.

In September 2023, Meta AI launched a new feature across their platforms – Create AI stickers. This adds more fun and creative ways to your communications even more. We also include “How to create stickers with Meta AI” in the next content. 

Now, it’s time for you to explore how to use Meta AI to elevate your social media experience to a new level. Keep rolling down and reading because the exciting parts are below. 

How To Setup & Use Meta AI in WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and follow this instruction:

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings, select “Meta AI” or “AI Assistant” to enable Meta AI (this may be different based on the region and device)
  • In the next step, read and tick agree to the terms and conditions 
  • Choose your preferred language so that you can interact with Meta AI

Now, you can notice the Meta AI icon in your WhatsApp chats. Tap on the icon to activate Meta AI and start exploring its features!

For the best experience, make sure to have the latest update on your device.

Use Meta AI In The Chat Group

You can utilize Meta AI to ask and seek guidance in a group chat. Keep in mind that all other participants in the group will also see the interactions between you and Meta AI. 

Here is how you can use Meta AI in a group:

  • First, launch the chat group
  • In the message field, begin your typing with”@” and following is “Meta AI” from the suggestions. 
  • Agree to the terms if provided. 
  • Give your prompt about what you want to ask and click “Send.” The response from Meta AI will be shared with everyone within the chat. 

Create Images with Meta AI in WhatsApp On Mobile Device

Generating AI images is a shining feature of Meta AI. The joy and creativity are fantastic with this AI tool. Take a closer look at how you can do that:

  • In your chat with Meta AI, type your text prompt and then “Imagine“. Meta AI will generate an image based on your prompts. 
  • Click “Send” and the image will be displayed in your chat. 

To update generated AI images, follow this instructions:

  • Open the chat where the image you want to update exists
  • Tap and hold that image and then tap “Reply
  • Type new prompt 
  • Tap “Send” to display new updated images in your chat. 

Create Images with Meta AI in WhatsApp On Website & Computer

There is a little difference if you want to generate images on the website or computer. However, it’s still very easy if you follow this guideline:

  • Open the chat in which you want to create images in
  • In the message field, type @, then click /imagine
  • Enter the prompt of how you would like Meta AI to generate the image
  • Click “Send” to share the image in the chat.

In case you want to update an AI image generated, click on the “Menu” next to it. Choose “Reply“, type your new prompt, and then “Send

Create Stickers With Meta AI in WhatsApp

If you want to make your conversations even more dynamic, adding some cool stickers is a good idea. Meta AI will help you to do that. Now, let’s see how we can create an AI sticker with Meta AI:

  • In your chatbot, tap the Emoji icon and then the Sticker icon
  • Tap “Create” then “Generate with AI
  • Type some words to describe what you want to create
  • Choose one from 4 stickers generated 
  • Tap “Send” to share your sticker.

After creating the stickers, besides “Sending”, you can do some other things as below:

  • Add to Favorites: Tap and hold on your favorite sticker. Then tap “Add to Favorites” and you can share it later
  • Edit Stickers: Long press the sticker and tap “Edit sticker”. You can add text, emoji, stickers, or draw on your sticker. After finishing your editing, tap “Send”. 

How To Setup & Use Meta AI In Instagram

Upcoming is the guide to use for Instagram users! Here’s how to set up this advanced tool:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • In “Settings“, choose “Account“, and then “Linked Accounts
  • Tap on “Meta AI” and follow the instructions to link Meta AI to your Instagram account. 

You’ve done it! You can start to use Meta right away. One of the most favorite features of Meta AI in Instagram is AI-power filters and effects. To access this feature, open the camera on Instagram, and then tap on the effects icon (right at screen bottom). Choose the effects and filters you like to apply them to your videos and photos. 

Create Images with Meta AI In Instagram

To use Meta AI to create amazing images, you can try these steps:

  • Type “/imagine” in the message field
  • Next, type your text prompt to describe what you want Meta AI to create.
  • Click “Send” to share that image 

If you want to upgrade an image, type your requests right after the image is generated. Or else, keep a long press on the image, then tap “Reply” and type your new prompt. For example, you can ask Meta AI to create an image of “A fairy drinking coffee”. Then you can ask Meta AI to make some changes in your images, like “Change the time of day to night”.

If you want to save it, after long-press, choose “Save”.

Create Stickers with Meta AI On Instagram Stories

This cool AI sticker-creating tool will add some taste to your Instagram Stories. Here’s the way:

  • Make an Instagram Story as you usually do, then click on the “Stickers” icon
  • Tap “AI Stickers” & enter your brief description of what you want to create
  • Tap “Generate
  • Choose your favorite from those stickers Meta AI has already generated
  • Pulish the sticker in your story and done

Keep in mind that these AI stickers can’t be saved. So you have to generate new ones every time you want to use them. 

Create Short Animation with Meta AI In Instagram

This is a very cool feature Meta AI brings. You just simply hold a long press on the image created, tap “Reply”, then type “Animate”. Your animation will be generated in a blink. 

If you like that animation, you can also click “Save” after a long press to save it. 

How To Setup & Use Meta AI in Messenger

You can add Meta AI in the Facebook app both on mobile devices or website on the computer.

  • After logging in, go to the profile and go to “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Tap on “Settings” and then “Augmented Reality.”
  • Then, choose “Meta AI” and follow some prompts provided to link Meta AI and your Facebook account. 

You’ve finished the setup. Similarly to Instagram, you can enjoy using Meta AI to enhance your experience as well as connect with your friends in more creative and engaging ways. Create eye-catching videos and pictures by using the filters and effects of Meta AI right in the Facebook camera.

Create Image with Meta AI In Messenger

You can use Meta AI to create images in Messenger the same way in Instagram. This is your reminder: In the message field, type “/imagine”. Then type your text prompt and tap “Send” to display the image in the chatbot. 

To upgrade an image, long press on the created image and choose “Change style”. Then type the description of what you want to change in the image. Click “Send” to finish. 

Create Stickers with Meta AI On Facebook Feeds

If you can add AI stickers on Instagram Stories, you can do the same with Facebook Feeds. Give it a try by following this step-by-step guide:

  • Create Facebook Feeds as usual
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap “Stickers
  • Type your prompt and tap “Send
  • Select the sticker you like 
  • Click “Publish” and your cool sticker will be shared in your Feeds in a second. 

Animate An Image with Meta AI In Messenger

This will take only a few seconds. Let us show you how: 

  • Tap and hold the image you want to make it animated.
  • Click “Reply
  • Type “Create animation” in the field
  • Tap “Send” and Meta AI will do the rest. 

Final Thoughts 

By using Meta AI, your social connections have become more and more exciting, creative, and convenient. Super easy to set and use, Meta AI is the convergence of social media and cutting-edge AI technology. Using Meta AI right in your favorite apps is an amazing experience that you should try. Bring @MetaAI to your group chats on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram to get suggestions on how to plan a project, find new dinner party recipes, create a fun trip itinerary, or anything else that splashes in your mind.

Magnus Wander

Magnus Wander