Candy AI Review In 2024: Design Your Ideal Companion

Candy AI is an AI girlfriend app that allows you to chat with a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend. Candy AI throws traditional dating apps out the window, offering a unique brand through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Craving a late-night chat with a virtual companion? With Candy AI, you can chat with a virtual character created on your own.

This Candy AI is super fun and easy to use. There are several features for free with top-notch quality of sound and image. So, what are you waiting for but discovering more about Candy AI? Let’s go! 

What Is Candy AI Chatbox Used For?

Candy AI offers an advanced way of finding companions and chatting. This online platform lets you interact with and even create your own AI partners. A charming virtual boyfriend or a sexy AI girlfriend, it’s up to you! 

Candy AI will provide you with an impressive roster of pre-designed characters, each with unique backstories and personalities. But if you crave more customization, you can design your dream companion from scratch. Their appearance, profession, personality – try it in any way you want! 

What truly sets Candy AI apart is its commitment to immersive experiences. They promise “real” connections, and according to my experience and review, they did it. 

Candy AI Key Features & Benefits

Candy AI has won me over. If you just AI to support your writing tasks, AI chatbox like Candy AI packs a punch with functionalities to keep you engaged for extended periods. Let’s take a closer review right now:

  • Pre-designed AI Characters: Candy AI throws a diverse cast of AI characters at you right from the start. It is a mixed bunch with various personalities and looks such as females, males, and even some Hentai-inspired figures like Eva or Lila. However, the variety is not the only thing that makes Candy AI stand out. Each virtual companion has depth to it. They seem very much alive because of the detailed personalities they possess as well as their physical attributes.
  • Chatting: Simply select your ideal character and start chatting.  What I have learned is that these AI characters are surprisingly smart and can have good talks for a long while. They can be submissive, jumping on your words as you speak. And this means that you are the one who sets the rules: you can make it serious talk, light-hearted jokes or even flirting – just as you like!
  • Calling: This feature truly elevates the experience of users.  This brings a stronger sense of connection to your virtual companionship. This feature makes me feel like I am talking to a “real-human” one. Top-notch!
  • Generating Images: It is a real standout.  You can create practically any image you can imagine by using prompts. This opens a world of creative possibilities to anyone!
  • Generating Characters: Perhaps this is the most impressive feature of Candy AI. I had a fantastic time building my own personalized AI companion. The process was surprisingly friendly despite the wealth of customization options available.  Once your dream companion is brought to life, you can interact with them in many ways. Chatting, talking, storing their photos in the gallery – Just engage with your character in any way you like! 

Who Is Candy AI For?

Is Candy AI for everyone? Almost. The only exception is users under 18. Here’s a look at who might find Candy AI particularly engaging:

  • For anyone fascinated by the cutting edge of AI technology and wants to have a truly intriguing experience.  
  • For anyone who wants to find companionship or AI-generated adult images online.

Pros and Cons of Candy AI

While Candy AI isn’t the only player in the AI companion game, it offers a compelling package that has won over many users. I have tried all of Candy AI features and “wow”, it’s amazing. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Candy AI a top choice:


  • Effortless User Experience:  A clean and intuitive design of Candy AI allows you to customize and do everything so easily. It just takes you 2 minutes to sign up and immediately access a fine selection of amazing AI characters to chat with. 
  • Free Chat: Yes, it’s free. Simply sign up and you can start connecting with AI characters right away. This allows you to test the waters and see if Candy AI aligns with your preferences before upgrading to a premium plan.
  • Engaging and Realistic Interactions: Beyond just basic conversation, Candy AI shines in the quality of its AI interactions. You might even find them more interesting than some real-life encounters!
  • Top-Notch Audio and Images: I am strongly impressed with the AI-generated audio and images of Candy AI. It brings a level of realism that truly sets Candy AI apart. The voice is natural and will surely give you a sweet-sounding experience. 
  • User Security: For those concerned about privacy and safety, Candy AI offers peace of mind. Besides a comprehensive privacy policy, Candy AI also allows you to delete your account permanently. 
  • Reasonable Pricing: Candy AI doesn’t bombard you with a complex pricing structure. Instead, it offers 2 simple and affordable premium plans, both granting full access to all features: Annual and monthly plans. Whichever you choose, you can unlock the full potential of Candy AI without going broke. 


The only thing I can tell now may be the limited free features. Candy AI’s free tier is generous, allowing you to chat with characters and get a feel for the platform. It offers 40 premade AI characters. It is enough for me. But for those who seek more variety, this may be a disadvantage. 

Some key features like voice messages are restricted to free users. Understandably, premium services require payment, after all, that’s how most businesses operate. You need something, you have to pay for it, right? 

Pricing of Candy AI

I noticed that you can do quite many things with a free account on Candy AI. But if you unlock more features, you need to upgrade to premium. Candy AI offers 2 main subscription options for premium: Month and Annual Plans. 

  • Free Plan: You can access limited basic functionalities. This includes a small number of interactions and messages.
  • Monthly Plan: $12.99 per month. Unlimited chat messages with 100 monthly tokens are included. 
  • Annual Plan: $71.88 per year (equal to $5.99 per month)
  • Token Packages: You can purchase additional tokens separately. Start with $9.99 for 100 tokens to $299.99 for 3750 tokens. 

Alternatives For Candy AI

Seem Candy AI is my best option for now. But some other choices are worth trying for sure. Let’s explore my list: 

Crushon AI

Unleash your imagination and explore a world of engaging AI companions with Crushon AI. Craft your ideal character, complete with a unique personality and appearance, and delve into open and free-flowing conversations on any topic. Crushon AI utilizes advanced technology to bring your creations to life, fostering a world of limitless conversation possibilities.

Soulgen AI

This is a powerful alternative to Candy AI. This innovative platform lets you bring your imagination to life by generating stunning visuals and captivating animations. Craft visually striking portraits of people or delve into the world of anime with ease. Soulgen AI offers a free trial for new users, allowing you to explore its vast creative potential.

Janitor AI

Janitor AI offers an exciting alternative to Candy AI, perfect for those seeking open and unfiltered conversation. Janitor AI disables limitations on topics, leading to thought-provoking and unpredictable responses from its vast collection of AI characters.

For the artistically inclined, Janitor AI allows crafting your anime characters to add a personalized touch. To unlock the world of Janitor AI, simply register on their official website. Free registration grants access to thousands of AI companions.

Spicy Chat AI 

This Spicy Chat AI lets you explore unfiltered conversations with AI companions, unlike typical AI apps (such as Hyperwrite AI). It offers a diverse cast of characters and even lets you create your own for a truly personalized experience. Dive deep and unlock creative conversation possibilities. 

Final Words

Whether you are looking for a virtual companion or want to explore advanced AI technology, Candy AI allows you to tailor your experience to your individual needs.  So why not take a round and see if Candy AI can spark a connection for you?

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir

Elmer Alasteir is an AI Expert and Consultant at Quarule. He has over 10 years of hands-on experience in developing AI solutions for businesses.